On Tuesday, April 12, Mojtaba Zolnoor, the representative of Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei in the Revolutionary Guards Corps, told the Iranian regime-run news outlet Khabar Online that a number of the Ulama (Islamic scholars) and authoritative grand ayatollahs have announced that Ali Khamenei is quite possibly the fabled “Seyed Khorasani.” According to the Islamic Hadith, Khorasani is an individual from the region who is not only a companion of the Mahdi (or 12th Imam), but is responsible for setting the stage for the Mahdi’s emergence.

Zolnoor also stated that the producers of the controversial documentary are of the same opinion, claiming that Khamenei and Seyed Khorasani are one and the same.

During the past year believers have related and compared dozens of Shiite anecdotes to the world’s current conditions in an attempt to prove their point. Reportedly, Khamenei himself knows that he is Seyed Khorasani but humbly prefers not to discuss it.

With Ayatollah Khamenei officially taking a position on this, there can be no doubt that the Iranian regime is truly messianic and that once they have their nuclear bomb, they will attempt to bring about the end of times and the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, as they have clearly shown in the movie. They intend to do this by destroying Israel and bringing about a total breakdown of the global economy.