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PJ Media Testifies on Mismanagement at Justice Department

Cited throughout the testimony: our "Every Single One" series on politically biased hiring under Eric Holder.

The Editors


April 17, 2013 - 12:12 am

On Monday, PJ Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams and contributor Hans von Spakovsky testified to the House Judiciary Committee. They were invited to testify regarding instances of mismanagement at the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, where both previously worked as attorneys.

The PJ Media “Every Single One” series is frequently cited in both testimonies:

Hans von Spakovsky Testimony (PDF)

J. Christian Adams Testimony (PDF)


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All Comments   (2)
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Bravo! The dynamic duo!
1 year ago
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Way to go, PJM! Power is what you have that you can use, and what you CAN use depends on what you DO use!

If PJM's power is in bringing attention from we the people --then it is well-used in this case, in full public view as it is.

Well done!
1 year ago
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