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Obama’s ‘Strategic Guidance’ Calls for More Defense Gutting

McKeon: "With no assessment of strategic impact, the president has proposed yet another arbitrary cut of $120 billion from the military."

Bridget Johnson


April 10, 2013 - 8:26 pm
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The weakening of the Defense Department’s readiness continued today as President Obama’s FY 2014 budget proposed whacking billions more from a military force already reeling from $500 billion in sequestration cuts.

Undersecretary of Defense Bob Hale, comptroller, told reporters at the Pentagon today that the changes already in effect for this year since mandatory cuts went into effect “are going to have significant and adverse effects, particularly on military readiness.”

“Some programs are exempt or protected. The military personnel funding exempt by law, embarrassingly so, are Senate-confirmed political appointees,” Hale said. “By policy, we’ll exempt Afghan wartime operations, our wounded warrior programs, and some others. And we will protect — that is, to the extent we can — we’ll avoid cuts in some of our deployed forces, especially first-to-fight forces in Korea and other deployed forces, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets in critical theaters — we don’t want to blind ourselves — and in general we want to make clear to our potential adversaries that even though we’re having some budgetary problems, we are still there, and we will protect the United States and its allies.”

“Most of the rest of the programs are going to get cut, sometimes by a lot… We’ll have to make major cutbacks in training and maintenance.”

Congress has been notified about the beginning of the civilian furlough process, and the TRICARE military health program has “some special problems.”

The Air Force will stand down 12 combat-coded fighter and bomber squadrons. The Army has already had to cancel seven combat training center rotations and five brigade-level exercises. Over the last week, the Navy canceled five sailings, including the cruising of the USNS Comfort to SOUTHCOM. Both the Navy and Marine Corps have cut flying hours.

“When you add all this up, to be very candid, what we’ve had to do, beginning a few months ago, is to start to burn readiness, as the chairman mentioned,” Hale said. “We’re not adding readiness or maintaining readiness. We’re burning readiness.”

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, though, defended his boss’ “strategic guidance” as “sustaining the quality of the all-volunteer force.”

“We need to plan wisely for a long-term future of budget constraints, with thorough, clearheaded analysis that is anchored in the president’s defense strategic guidance,” Hagel said.

But it was noted to Hagel that his optimism was based on a budget plan that assumed Congress would pass Obama’s deficit reduction plan to replace sequestration and the Pentagon would get hit for $150 billion over the next decade instead of the current $500 billion. And, if by some remote chance the budget calling for $600 billion in new taxes would pass the House, it kicks the can on those defense cuts beyond the terms of Obama and Hagel.

“Unlike sequester, these cuts are backloaded, occurring mainly in the years beyond FY 2018. While no agency welcomes further budget cuts, the president’s deficit reduction proposal requested in this budget gives the department time, and that’s important, time, to achieve these longer-term savings, without disproportionate harm to modernization and readiness, the budget categories what will provide the most immediate savings, but also encompass most of our military capabilities,” Hagel said, brushing off assertions that it’s an Obama budget gimmick.

House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) had a far different view of the president’s strategic guidance abilities.

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You may be missing a major point here: We are looking at major military spending cuts even though Obama's proposed budget is HUGE. If we are cutting many billions from defense spending, then why do we have (from Obama) a $3.77 trillion dollar federal budget?

The country is weakened by an increased budget that is way more than can possibly be balanced by revenues, and yet we also intend to weaken the military? And believe me, I know how the feds handle budget cuts: because they spend lots of money badly, they will also spend less money badly. Therefore, while some posters here may have some "clever" ideas on how to have great defense for less, the proposed big cuts WILL WEAKEN our military -- that is guaranteed.

So: an economy-sapping budget with big defense cuts. Not a recipe for improved national security and well-being.
1 year ago
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The following Defense Spending, and Federal Revenue, numbers, are from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), end-of-fiscal year, monthly reports other sources, which reflect considerably higher Defense Spending numbers, may include some portion of Military Spending

Defense Spending .vs Total Federal Revenues (TREV) = % of Revenues trillions.....
YEAR.DEFENSE/TREV = % of Revenues
FY1998 0.256 / 1.721 = 14.9%
FY1999 0.261 / 1.827 = 14.3%
FY2000 0.281 / 2.025 = 13.9%
FY2001 0.291 / 1.990 = 14.6%
FY2002 0.332 / 1.853 = 17.9%
FY2003 0.389 / 1.783 = 21.8%
FY2004 0.437 / 1.880 = 23.2%
FY2005 0.474 / 2.154 = 22.0%
FY2006 0.499 / 2.407 = 20.7%
FY2007 0.529 / 2.568 = 20.6%
FY2008 0.595 / 2.524 = 23.6%
FY2009 0.637 / 2.105 = 30.3%
FY2010 0.677 / 2.162 = 31.3%
FY2011 0.678 / 2.302 = 29.5%
FY2012 0.651 / 2.449 = 26.6%

The U.S. spends more on Defense Spending than the next 14 countries COMBINED
1 year ago
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World's top 15 military spenders
Figures sourced from the SIPRI Yearbook 2012.
Rank Country Spending ($ Bn.)
— World Total 1,630 2.6 100 1562.3
1. United States ....711.
2. China...............228
3. Russia...............93.7
4. United Kingdom..57.5
5. France...............50.1
6. Japan................44.7
7. Saudi Arabia.......58.8
8. India.................117.
9. Germany ...........40.4
10. Brazil..............33.8
11. Italy................28.5
12. South Korea.....42.1
13. Australia..........16.6
14. Canada...........19.9
15. Turkey...........25.2
1 year ago
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President Eisenhower warned us about THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX
1 year ago
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still 66,000 troops in Afghanistan, along with over 100,000 high-paid, good old boy, no-bid, military contractors ... the Pentagon is the Poster-Boy for fraud waste and abuse in government
1 year ago
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So, we want our military to be seen as strong and vigorous, but we are not going to train our troops nor maintain our equipment?
1 year ago
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It's evident the libertarian mindset is taking hold in the comment section, but that is understandable when we have weak governance; this allows all kinds of foolishness to present itself. Certainly, there are cuts that can be made, but to a person, the readers here are missing the point... general officer corps is being decimated under Obama (not to mention appointments are putting useful idiots in key positions), Hagel is a mindless dunce and the purpose of these current shortfalls in spending is to render our military useless or better, nearly "defenseless." I suspect there are many posting here who have no real sense of what a volunteer force means, what its junior members experience or how small in number our forces really are, considering actual warfighting capability vs. support. It's time Americans start paying attention to truth (look at history) rather than their fictionalized views of what they wish to believe to appear intelligent.
1 year ago
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"the general officer corps..."
1 year ago
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Of course there are plenty of places we can cut Military spending, they are an all volunteer forces after all. Since when do you pay volunteers? Just think how much we could save if we just didn't pay the volunteers! That would leave us plenty of money to pay all the civilian contractors their union wages. We wouldn't want to cut back on those, we might get the unions mad at us. And of course the contractors can't help it if they happened to underbid on the equipment they are supplying and have to charge millions of dollars in cost overruns, they have to pay all those extra union workers and upper management personnel they had to hire to get the stuff built.
1 year ago
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We need to defund the DOD and decrease the size of the military. The military is run by our totally corrupt ruling class which can not be trusted with a strong military force.
1 year ago
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Actually, there is a lot to cut in the DoD. Way too many generals and admirals; in fact more per capita than during the Cold War. Still too much waste and overspending. Does a F-22 really cost over $150 million? In my case, I work as a contractor for the DoD and there are 3 levels of management above me at just the base level; there are at least 2 more levels above that at AFMC and Washington. Huge amounts of overstaffing, overregulation, and rules all combine to make everything cost more than it should.
1 year ago
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Maybe we should you know, stop being the world's policeman? We can't afford it.

Why are we still in Afghanistan? Our "allies" are just as bad as the Taliban. Our "allies" in Pakistan hid Bin Laden from us, and are still holding that doctor that helped us find him.

Why are we in South Korea? We're hated there. S. Korea is a rich country now, let them defend themselves.

And while we are at it, let's quite throwing money down the drain with the F35, which is complete junk.
1 year ago
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Having been stationed in South Korea twice, I can tell you we are not hated there. The people you see on TV with signs are a distinct minority and only get on TV because of liberal bias.

1 year ago
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We should have S. America, the Philippines, Europe and Indonesia ante up the difference. They're the ones who benefit from not having China and Russia and each other up their behinds. Put a price tag on the evil imperialist Pax Americana and watch how suddenly other countries can't live without it. Or we could just sell them and pocket the change. When the Middle East runs out of oil won't be no Americans rescuing Kuwait from Iraq or S. Arabia from Iran. Have fun boys. Liberals got themselves a suicide cult and the first victims will of course be those most vulnerable. And of course a new giant flood of refugees will be pouring into America in 50 years.
1 year ago
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Isn't it great? More cut to the military who did not vote for Obama. More money to Homeland Security for Big Sis to stock up on bag pipes.

Our military is already in a shambles, may as well gut it so we will be incapable to fight any more wars, and cower under our desks when North Korea lob us a dud nuke.
1 year ago
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There you go, you get it elkhoong.
1 year ago
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