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Obama, the Betrayer

Democrats discovering what the right has known about Obama since the beginning.

Jean Kaufman


May 19, 2013 - 12:49 am
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The right noticed long ago that Obama is a cold fish and an arrogant loner, a man willing to abandon longtime mentors in the blink of an eye if need be (think Jeremiah Wright). It never seemed as though Democrats cared, though, as long as Obama served their purposes and they served his.

Now that he’s become a little bit of an embarrassment to them, Obama may find, perhaps for the first time in his life, that a number of his fellow liberals are willing to throw him under the bus. Not only does there seem to be a new willingness for at least some members of the MSM to report negative news about Obama, but there’s a reservoir of ill will among Democratic politicians that’s been building up and threatens to burst:

One Democrat who likes Obama and has been around town for many years said elected officials in his own party are no different than Republicans: they think the president is distant and unapproachable.

“He has never taken the Democratic chairs up to Camp David to have a drink or to have a discussion,” the longtime Washingtonian said. “You gotta stroke people, and talk to them. It’s like courting: you have to send flowers and candy and have surprises. It’s a constant process. Now they’re saying, ‘He never talked to me in the good times.’ ”

How is it that Obama can be such a successful politician and yet be so unable to exhibit an important quality that almost all such politicians possess in abundance: the ability to schmooze? Special dispensation because of race may be part of the answer, but only a small part. Superficial charm is another, but it can only get him so far, and even his fellow party members have now learned its limitations.

What they haven’t yet learned is the significance of another major part of the Obama resume, which is that he does not operate on the usual political system of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Instead, he’s just as likely to thank you by sticking a shiv (metaphorically speaking, that is) in your back.

And this is not a recent development. It was Obama’s modus operandi from the start, and it was practiced on Democrats. In Chicago, where Obama’s political career began, the important game was to win the Democratic primary, because that would guarantee election in Obama’s hugely Democratic district. The way Obama managed to do this in his very first race was by obliterating his Democratic rivals on a technicality, and especially, by betraying his liberal Democratic mentor, Alice Palmer.

If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s well worth reading to get a key to the very special Obama ruthlessness. The gist of it is that newcomer Obama, after being tapped by established Chicago African-American politician Alice Palmer to be her successor, mounted legal challenges to the petitions of all his Democratic rivals (including, it turns out, Palmer), knocking them off the primary ballot on technicalities and running unopposed, thereby guaranteeing his own victory before the voting ever began.

Obama won his first race for office not because of his intra-party collegiality, but due to his lack of it. Thus, when he got to the Illinois Senate his reputation preceded him and his potential for power was acknowledged. He seems to have adopted the Machiavellian strategy that it is better to be feared than loved:

“[Obama's] introduction to the political community was that he knocked off Alice,” said Ron Davis, a longtime Obama political hand who filed the challenge against Palmer and still cackles with glee over their victory…So they heard about Barack before he came down there to Springfield: Who was this guy who came in and knocked Alice off the ballot?’”

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It isn't just arrogance that keeps Obama from "schmoozing" with other politicians, it's also due to the fact that he can't. Mr. YES WE CAN cannot discuss policy with others in either party because he's afraid to expose his ignorance of the issues. He's a one trick pony and his trick is strong-arming his way into elective office and then basking is the limelight. He simply doesn't have the knowledge needed to engage in even superficial discussion with anyone and his minions know it and protect him. He's pathetic and doomed.
1 year ago
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Obliteration By Any Means Available.

The entire Obama mystique is based upon a sham. It is a combination of Madison Avenue meets Haight Ashbury. It is Mad Men meets Malcom X.

And, do NOT believe...for one, single, solitary minute...that either the Agenda Media nor the hippie dippie Weathermen who make up the post-Humphrey Democratic Party are going to "turn" on Obliteration By Any Means Available any time soon...either as a strategy against Republicans, a policy against Americans or in the personage of Typhoid Barry.

If you do not understand the politics of destruction, you do not understand Bill Ayers. And, if you do not understand Bill cannot understand Obama.

If you do not understand the policy of "there is no truth, there is only what I tell you the truth should be", you do not understand the corrupt and devastating loss of honor and integrity in the Agenda Media...nor their umbilical cord attachment to the Haight Ashbury brethren in the Democratic Party.

If you do not understand One World Socialism, you cannot comprehend Quantum Totalitarianism.

The Agenda Media/Obama Administration have had a lover's tiff. He stepped out on them with the AP, because ...well, he's their daddy. And, they will throw a little tantrum, make him sleep on the couch...then, in the end...they will continue on as the propaganda arm of the Forced Revolution.

As for his fellow long as The Party owns the Agenda Media, Agenda Academia and Agenda Entertainment...they have such a massive unfair advantage over the hapless and feckless Republicans...ANY Democrat running for election has a choice...go along with being a loyalist to a corrupt and treasonous Haight Ashbury revolutionist Party...or lose.

You simply must be willing to sell your soul to radical leftism, lying and treason...and you too can be a winning Democratic national politician. (or a tenured professor, a Hollywood star or national media "celebrity")

Being a traitor among traitors...makes Obama merely better at a game they all signed up to play. And their reason ...or raison d'etre. The overthrow...(brought to you in pastel colors by the fraudulent propaganda wing) is called "transformation" and "redistribution" and "fair share".

So, let's not be duped this time, shall we? We are the patriots...and they are the government...coming after any means available. Including, but not limited to...the IRS.
1 year ago
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Neo is exactly right, as usual.

You will recall that during the 2008 election cycle the New Yorker magazine had a cover illustration with Obama cast as a Muslim, and Michelle as a modern day Angela Davis.

Oh, the crowing of the media about that!

What got lost in all the brouhaha was the article in the magazine by Ryan Lizza cited above ("This helped to further pave the way for Obama’s success"). I had a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor after reading it, wondering how in the world such a great nation could possibly be contemplating electing such a base and vulgar man to the presidency.

Little did I know that base and vulgar were his redeeming qualities.

This man has done more damage to every aspect of our nation than any other American in history. From our fiscal health to our fidelity to our Constitution we are profoundly weaker as a result of this man's leadership.

I am not the least bit surprised by the explosion of scandal now that the confetti from the Second Inaugural has finally settled. I fully expect it to get exponentially worse as this administration is more like a criminal enterprise than it is like an exercise in self-governance.

So, you'll have to pardon me when I wish the worst for this awful man. The lower he is driven, the greater the prospects are for the vitality of our Republic.
1 year ago
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Anyone with the ability to go looking around on the internet could have disgusted themselves very quickly . If they had cared to look .
But , no matter . All those who voted the Presidunce into his second term will happily vote for his third term . And then there were yahoos in New York that wrote a bill with that in mind , and presented it to the House just four months into his first term .
Can't the creature be tossed out , just for his lack of any character ?

Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry .
1 year ago
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I was relieved to see the headline "Obama The Betrayer". More and more people need to admit it. The peace of the world depends on the politicians in Washington saying 'Enough is enough." Imagine how the Benghazi betrayal looks to some governments, eg North Korea and China. They will probably say to themselves two things: first - 'The American people voted for a traitor! The American Government was bullied by Al Queda, and the American people didn't care! So if Al-Queda can do it why can't we do it?" and second they would say 'The US military is forbidden to defend the US! The Generals must be very weak."
The North Koreans and Chinese are very used to promoting generals on the basis of political loyalty. But they do promote soldiers who want to fight foreigners. They must despise a government and military that punishes patriotism.
So as a result of these two feelings/suspicions/thoughts the governments of China and North Korea are going to be more likely to push the US harder and feel confident that if a war happens the US military will not perform well. If they start a war with that confidence then it could take many reverses over a long time before they change their mind.
It is much better for us and them if we discipline Obama now. That would reduce the chance that foregners think the US people, military and government are weak and can be pushed around.

1 year ago
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I know and know of liberal Democrats who were anti-Obama (that means they were utterly disgusted anyone could take the pompous charlatan seriously) from day one because of his blatant character and intellectual flaws. Indeed I know of one black woman Dem who predicted he would lose the black vote last but he would lose it.

The loudest example of no enchantment is the raging cajun James Carville. Senators Finestein and Liberman were certainly no fans. All those Democrat party newcomers who lost their seats in 2010 probably also have less than cozy loving sentiments towards his greatness. There are probably a number of Dems less than secretly happy to the see chickens coming home to roost.

I wonder how many of Obama's beguiled low information supporters are even aware of the gaggle of scandals overtaking him?
1 year ago
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Why is it that so many thousands of US citizens, including PJ Media readers, know that Obama is an illegal POTUS, has been allowed to give billions of taxpayer dollars to
get re-elected, scare the Supreme Court into making foolish decisions, and remains in his office, when clearly he should be in jail? Just asking
1 year ago
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Perhaps the alarm clock has rung after all. However, until we read posts such as those that appear on this blog in places such as the NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and LA Times, not much will happen.
1 year ago
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Cold fish and loner. So what?

How important is that in The USA known, or was once upon a time, as "A Country of LAW not of men". The Fundamental Law of the USA is the Constitution of the USA. All laws AND actions in law within the various States of and the Federation of these United States MUST be justified on that fundamental law.

That Fundamental Law prescribes IN DETAIL who may legally act as representative, NOT Leader/Fuehrer or Ruler of the self-governing members AKA citizens of the USA.

The details, as is appropriate in a document of Law, are given for lawful eligibiility of representative in Congress, Senate, Judiciary and Executive. ONE PARTICULAR DETAIL differs and is specific for lawful eligibility for President.

Those requirements have never been amended via procedure for amendment laid down in that Constitution. There are no proviisions in that fundamental law for retro-active amendment.

THAT is what is important. THAT law, Constitution, is FUNDAMENTAL of the Constitutional Republic of the USA.

The guardianship of that Constitution is in the hands of the members of Legislature, Judiciary and Executive of the Enterprise USA. Each and every member of those agencies swears/affirms oath to uphold and defend that Fundamental Law on accepting representation.

How bizarre is it that the present Executive has withheld, secreted, information from citizens, shareholders of the Enterprise USA. What and WHY? AS IF he were a private citizen.

As Executive of the USA, representative of ALL the citizens those rights to personal privacy are voluntarily given up. Provenance to include Personal, experiential, respect for and compliance with the ethos and law of the enterprise is of material interest for lawful eligibility to the post of Executive of the USA. And as in all law, must be done AND BE SEEN to be done.

How negligent, remiss in duty, that the guardians of the rights of the citizens in Congress and Judiciary have done nothing to confront this secrecy, the WHAT and WHY, of this present Executive's SREALING of documents. And the later fall-out from that manouevre in the White House ' uploading onto the Internet "documents" deemed to be inauthentic?

Does any citizen actually believe it unimportant, insignificant to KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that the people they elect to represent them are lawfully eligible for the post within their own legal system?

THAT is what is important now, Not that this Obama is a cold fish, loner, egotist, whatever and is symbol for many people. Or even whether he is or is not popular.

Obama's having been permitted to with-hold, to secrete, information of possible material import to citizens and the nation is crucial. The portents are ominous.

Secrecy of such nature from such office in government of, by and for the people is impermissible when that government may lawfully act ONLY WITH the CONSENT of the governed. Such secrecy if permitted, or if permitted to continue, is a clear precedent for others to follow.

1 year ago
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Mark 8:36
"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"
This accurately describes the state the Democrat Party and their friends in the media.

Obama is the Honey Badger of politics.
1 year ago
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It will take a great deal to undo this administration or stop Hillary Clinton from heading the next one. The Left has been fighting for this moment in history since the 1960s. It's what their college years were all about. It is the realization of their dreams and if they were to go along with those who seek to undo it, they would in fact be admitting that everything they fought for was wrong. That is a lot to expect.
1 year ago
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Dems don't care. The alternative is their very Devil - the GOP. The Dem Left has long since been hijacked by the race/gender league.

To them, the GOP represents all evil in the world's history and they often put the GOP in this context. Obama could get away with anything because the Left simply says it never happened. Just like vast swaths of history never happened.

These are not rational people, or fair. They are the unbalanced cast-offs of history and they want their day in the sun and there is no amount of lying and delusion they will not encompass to gain that goal.

Their hatred is based in the fact that their rhetoric despised the source of the very things they love the most.
1 year ago
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The fact that Obama would not disclose ANYTHING about his past life should have said something to the Democrats. Even the Kennedys couldn't do that.
1 year ago
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