If you’re one of the twenty relevant liberals on Twitter who believe that the difference between Katrina’s handling by Bush differs from the Tennessee flood and BP spill handling by Obama because “more people died,” you’re crazy and this article is not for you.

If you’re anyone else, you know that something stinks about the disaster coverage and about President Obama’s reaction to the disasters.

Howard Kurtz actually believes that the oil spill has been covered extensively. No it hasn’t.

I’m from Houston and I covered Hurricane Ike, so I know what it’s like to have a disaster the press doesn’t care about. The damage was horrific. Galveston Island was nearly wiped out. An estimated 400 or more people died and 300 are still unaccounted for. Gone.

National media? Crickets.

President Bush was in office. It was his home state. Some in the lefty blogosphere even stated that the people of Texas got what they deserved.

Never mind that Galveston had a Democrat for a mayor; never mind that the area, like many beach towns, is liberal. It was Texas and the people there deserved what they got for voting Republican.

Did the press blame President Bush for his lack of response? No. The leadership in the state of Texas, and in Houston locally, was seamless. The people here had lots of experience, as the city of Houston took on tens of thousands of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita folks.

There was still unimaginable suffering. People are still rebuilding. In fact, only over the last few weeks, roofers have come along giving estimates, because time limits are nearly up to get insurance reimbursement for damage. Our family had seven trees removed a year later because they died as a result of the storm. We had six fall right away.

It takes a very long time to recover from such devastation.

As in Houston in 2008 and Nashville in 2010, there is real bias in the national media against “hick” towns. New Orleans has panache. Yes, it’s a liberal bastion of crime, squalor, and destitution, but all that evil happens on an artsy-fartsy and smug exterior.

Libs love the town, and they loved that a Democrat mayor and Democrat governor blamed a Republican president. The liberal press gorged themselves on the smorgasbord of self-indulgent moralizing while American citizens in the middle of the country — whom they so despise — actually did the job of taking care of the displaced and grieving.

Howard Kurtz concluded:

In Nashville, though, a storied American city suffered a devastating blow and many lives were lost. It’s too bad the news business seems able to juggle only one or two crises at a time.

Baloney. They just didn’t care. It didn’t effect anyone they know.

I jokingly put up a post asking: “Why does President Obama and the media hate white people?” This headline was a play on Kanye West’s outrageous claim that “George Bush hates black people.”