Actually, it is not unclear at all: they won’t. Huge numbers of Afghans will not be satisfied with anything less than the deaths of those involved in burning Qur’ans, for death is what Islamic law prescribes for the blasphemer. The troops meant no more malice toward the Qur’an, Islam, or Muslims than did Rimsha Masih, and in fact, only burned the Qur’ans because jihadist prisoners at the Bagram base north of Kabul were using them to pass messages to each other.

But that doesn’t matter to the Afghans who are enraged at the troops for burning the Muslim holy book, and it apparently doesn’t matter to Obama’s politically correct military leaders, either. Burning Qur’ans is not a crime according to American law, but only under Islamic law; thus the “administrative punishments” meted out to American troops for disposing of Qur’ans that had been used by enemies of the United States to plot against American personnel represent the enforcement of Sharia by the U.S. military.

Thus the senators who wrote to Zardari should write to Obama as well, if they want to see an end to the victimization of non-Muslims by Islamic blasphemy laws. For the United States continues to make non-Muslims suffer under unjust charges of blasphemy against this most thin-skinned of religions.

If these American troops do indeed suffer demotion and/or a loss of pay for burning the Qur’an, they can at least take comfort in the fact that as a new Islamic state (one of the largest in the world, as Obama claimed a few years ago), the U.S. is considerably more moderate than Pakistan and Afghanistan as well; in both of those countries, they would have been torn apart by raging mobs long ago, if they hadn’t been already executed legally. In comparison to that, sacrificing a bit of money and honor to the cause of Islam is certainly a small price to pay. Above all, the sanctity of the Qur’an is preserved, and that is apparently all that matters these days.

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