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Next Generation: Victor Davis Hanson on the Decline of American Education (Video)

"You could lose civilization in one generation if that expertise and methodology is not handed down..."

Next Generation


February 9, 2013 - 12:20 am

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Author Victor Davis Hanson joins Col. Allen B. West to discuss the decline of classics and American education. Have the skills of deduction and induction been replaced by political ideologies? Is it too late to save American education? Could the American civilization disappear in a generation? Find out.

The Next Generation initiatives from PJ Media were launched in February 2013. Under the brand of NextGeneration.TV, they focus on the issues of the day through the perspective of the next generation, as well as how all Americans can stand up for their nation’s future. Through weekly newsletters and alerts, Internet TV, live events, social media, and outreach programs, the NextGeneration.TV team helps grandparents, parents and youth examine the issues confronting the next generation in the areas of America’s economic future, educational pursuits, employment, safety and security, and basic human freedoms.
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