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September 11, 2013 - 11:36 pm

Barack Obama won the presidency with promises of smart diplomacy. Now, Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle of Trifecta think the world might begin looking to Russia and Vladimir Putin for strength and moral certitude. Find out why.

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All Comments   (2)
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I don't see this as quite the catastrophe this panel does.

A bad day for the Islamist-Butt-Kisser-In-Chief is a good day for me. OK, since he is POTUS, that makes it a bad day for America too, but he won't be around forever. And anyway, America DID vote this clown into office, even though barnyard animals could have seen this coming back in '08 (too bad our media at the time was not as smart as barnyard animals, or at least, did not have the honor and integrity of barnyard animals).

I refer back to '08 in terms of the election of this clown because I am convinced that the '12 election was massively rigged. No, Virginia, Americans really were not that stupid twice, but Chicago thug politics elevated to the national level ensured that this guy would get a second term, no matter what.

We'll survive this because Russia can't really take our place indefinitely. Their population is much smaller than ours and shrinking. Their economy is also much smaller than ours, with much less clout on the world stage. Their military has come back somewhat since the end of the Cold War, but except for their stock of nuclear weapons, it is also in no posiition to challenge ours even now, despite Obama's best efforts. It is a great testament to Putin's skill and savvy as a leader, that he has played his mediocre hand so, so well. But look who he's up against...

The only real potential replacement for the U.S. as the leading world power is China. But they have their problems, too. They are choking on their own pollution. They have the albatross around their neck of a massive pool of unskilled and impoverished citizens to feed and somehow find jobs for. Still and all, if we try hard enough here, we'll allow them to replace us. But it is not happening next week.

The silver lining I see in this is that the obvious failure of Obama on every level will be impossible to hide by 2016. If Bush the Younger was an albatross around McCain's neck in ' much worse will ANY Democratic nominee fare with the legacy of Obama to explain.

The main thing is to ensure that the kind of behind the scenes forces that were instrumental in bringing us Obama - I submit this key element was Sunni Gulf Arab petrodollars - are not behind the eventual GOP nominee. We have to make sure that whomever we elect then, will be out of the Gulf Arab Petrodollar Pimp Empire orbit. Then, we might - MIGHT - be able to make a comeback in our lifetimes.
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All part of the plan. ENDGAME?

NO, not the plan of BH Obama. The plan long engineered by the hierarchy of the "Democratic Party" of the USA. With the go along to get along republicans.

The PLAN, outed in no uncertain terms by their mystery frontman BH Obama as "The Fundamental Transformation of the Nation".

Their mystery man - okay not a popular subject at PJ Media - "certified as eligible" nominee for POTUS by the Chair of the DNC Nancy Pelosi and seconded by Hillary Clinton. NB, Not qualified as LEGALLY eligible. Per Constitution? ALL lawyers.

Both women, AND Obama, make no secret of their contempt for America and ordinary Americans. So needful of them for their ends.

Pelosi's "astroturf" when they exercise their liberties to peacefully protest a Bill that limits their choices and actions in their personal lives. A bill then railroaded to House approval by this same Pelosi. In service to Obamacare. Out of Hillarycare of the 1990s.

AND Hillary Cllinton, now presumptive heir to Obama with her description of those ordinary Americans who declined their nominee for POTUS at the election of 2000 as "that vast right-wing conspiracy". The election of 2000, the MILLENIUM, a "game-changing" date.

Both women responding to that election result with uninhibited rage. Hillary Clinton raging that the election was "stolen" from them. despite Supreme Court acceptance of the result, And N. Pelosi in her rage vowing revenge.

With Obama's description of ordinary Americans as boo-hiss guns and religion bigots.

With his SEALING of documents under protection of Law from the American public, while holding office in that public's trust.

Elected to that Office despite his volunteering during his campaign for President that he was "ashamed of the nation" and his promise to Fundamentally Transform the nation.

The, White House uploading onto the internet documents purported as birth"certificates". Assessed by authoritative documents authenticators as forgery. AND his bizarre enforcement of the laws of the nation.

His concerted actions to keep the sealed documents from the light of public exposure

These alone of which we know, and how many others hatched in the batteries of this "most transparent administration" we do not know suggest incompetence as unconvincing description of Obama's and the Democratic Party in Congress/Senate and Judiciary actions .

Actions successfuly making a mockery of America and Americans,. Those "cowboys of the West". Those sexist, racist, vulgarians. Those damn Yanks.

The sealed documents? WHAT and WHY? Perhpas innocuous. Who cares?

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