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Land Gaining Ground for Levin’s Seat – Should She Thank Obama?

Dem Rep. Peters’ biggest problem come November could have everything to do with the president.

Rod Kackley


August 16, 2014 - 11:38 pm
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Terri Lynn Land is gaining ground in her campaign to replace Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) – and the Republican from Grand Rapids may have President Obama to thank for it.

Rep. Gary Peters’ (D-Mich.) lead over Land has been cut from five percent – 43 percent to 38 percent – in the July 25 Mitchell Research & Communications poll to just one percent in the latest poll, 45 percent to 44 percent. It was conducted the night of the Michigan primary election, Aug. 5.

The Harper Polling survey that was also conducted the night of the Michigan primary shows the race for Senate in Michigan has moved into a virtual tie with Peters leading the race by only one percent, 45-44 percent.

The automated Mitchell Research survey of 626 likely voters, with a margin of error of five percent, was also conducted two weeks into a major media buy by Land that included the hardest-hitting, most focused ads of her campaign.

Voters in Michigan are no longer being subjected to bland theme ads in which Land says she can get Congress to work together just like she taught her children to play together better in the backyard, or wonders with coffee cup in hand how a man could (really?) know more about women than she.

Now, Land is going after Peters on immigration reform, outsourcing American jobs, a nuclear Iran, and U.S. trade policy. Not only is her campaign launching its own attack ads, they are also offering, for the first time, some real policy statements from the candidate.

“It’s clear that the increase in media spending by Land over the past two weeks is impacting the race again,” Steve Mitchell, the chairman of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc., said.

“As Election Day get closer, voters are recognizing that she is the candidate with a plan to secure the border, stop outsourcing, and put Michigan first,” said Heather Swift, spokeswoman for the Land campaign.

Land has been hitting Peters hard on the issue of immigration, accusing him of being “two-faced.”

Her campaign started running a new ad the morning after the Mitchell survey was taken. “Playing Both Sides” includes two clips of Peters talking about immigration.

“Certainly enforcement is very important,” Peters says in the first soundbite. In the second, he says, “Immigration reform is not about more enforcement.”

The narrator then hammers the point home in the last lines of the ad by saying, “Gary Peters plays both sides of the issue, putting Washington politics ahead of what’s best for America and best for Michigan.”

Land included immigration reform in her “Michigan First” plan that was released Aug. 6.

She called for the enforcement of immigration laws that are already on the books, making the immigration system more efficient, increasing the number of high-tech visas that are issued, and sealing off the border to Mexico.

“As the granddaughter of Dutch immigrants, I understand how important legal immigration is to a strong America,” said Land. “But President Obama and Congressman Gary Peters have failed to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders, resulting in lost Michigan jobs. I support the rule of law and believe it is essential that we step up enforcement and make our immigration system fair.”

Land believes the U.S.-Mexico border could be effectively sealed with a combination of fencing, more Border Patrol agents and new, high-tech monitoring devices.

The plan does not include an amnesty provision. Instead, the Land campaign writes, “Those who blatantly ignore our laws should not be rewarded, while those who follow the law are forced to wait in line to enter our country – this only invites more lawlessness.”

The ad blitz is only going to get louder. The Hill reported the National Republican Senatorial Committee has placed a $1.5 million ad buy in Michigan’s two biggest markets, Detroit and Grand Rapids, on behalf of Land.

Those ads were slated to run the last week of August.

However, Peters’ biggest problem may have nothing to do with Land or any of her fellow Republicans.

Peters’ biggest problem come November could have everything to do with the president.

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Her trouble is with the President?

The President? THE flag bearer and Commanding General of the army of which she is commissioned officer "representing" the troops?

Commisioned Officer who "was only obeying orders"?
27 weeks ago
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The way to end outsourcing is so simple that only a politician will not admit it.
Cut corporate tax rates.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
Capital gains should be zero and corporate taxes 15%. It's true but the demokkkrats just won't allow reason to take over.
27 weeks ago
27 weeks ago Link To Comment
> Land Gaining Ground
Booooooooo! :)
28 weeks ago
28 weeks ago Link To Comment
dem's should learn to embrace their president, and just go with the flow. he's only doing what they know.

a new day of hope and certain change is at hand. for example, instead of looking downhearted about the illegal criminals being released into the general population to wreak death & destruction on honest Americans, dem's should point out all the new growth industries that are bound to flourish because of it, such as:

1. the projected increase in sales of vehicle, home and business security systems
2. the certain increase in employment of police and other security forces
3. increased gun and ammo sales
4. the need for businesses to increase their inventories of liquor and beer
5. hospitals will certainly need to increase their staffs to handle the influx of gun shot, stabbing and related patient injuries
6. local courts will need to upgrade their facilities
7. more jails will need to be built to house (at least until obummer can manage to release them again and again) the ever increasing criminal elements that are sure to make us all better citizens by testing our mettle.

I'm sure these are just a few of the many growth industries/opportunities in the future of a people so blessed in their ever wise and intelligent choice of leadership. dem's should just pick up that ball and run w/ it, like they were taught to run w/ that stolen t.v. when growing up. after all, its all just a matter of perspective, right? the closer one gets to the bottom, the less the distance to fall to get there.

28 weeks ago
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First, a very intelligent analysis. Second is this syntax:
"media spending by Land over the past two weeks is impacting the race again,”
From the Eagles: Rod were you tired or did you just get lazy?" impacting as a verb here? or anywhere. How about "is Positively impacting on the race." or "has a positive impact on the race" what of our children? :)))
28 weeks ago
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It was a quoted statement, not the author's words.
28 weeks ago
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