I am one of the last wave of immigrants who received a good, basic pro-American public education in elementary school. That was in the 1960s; today’s immigrant children, along with the poor and disenfranchised minority children, will not learn the skills and receive the knowledge they need to succeed. Their “urban school” teachers will shirk real lessons and fill up the school day with Marxist lessons on “social justice,” building up resentment and perpetuating a sense of victimhood and racial blame.

To see how the Obama machine appealed to them, take a look at a photo at TinaTrent.com of a 1911 United Super Pac bus that ominously says on the side: “Stop Disrespecting My President!” with a threatening giant photo of Obama — an insult to the dignity of the office of president. For these voters, it’s not the “economy.” They have no economy other than the public benefits they receive. They have no clue about the motives of their teachers and how they are being trained as foot soldiers in their Marxist revolution.

For the Left, it took “systematic persistent organizing and education,” as Howard Zinn advised back in 1969.

Are Republicans willing to do the same thing?