According to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Fars News Agency, on Tuesday night — during a gathering of high-ranking members of the IRGC command and the Basij militia — Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi announced:

Today we are in a full-scale war with our enemies. During the last 32 years, the enemy has gone from pillar to post and from one angle to another in order to find a way to bring us down. But the enemy has been hit hard and the proof of that is in the collapse of the Western block, the humiliation of the banking and investment sector, the awakening of our various nations, the spread of the religion of God, and people distancing themselves from the devil-worshipping elitists. This is a sign of our populist progress.

Naghdi, the commander of the Basij militia, added:

You all have managed to infiltrate into the heart of the enemy’s various nests to the point where even in the streets of New York, Ashura is known as Imam Hossein Day and it is observed by pious self-mortification and prayer; in London, the month of Muharram and the passing of Fatimah are observed. This is what it means to penetrate into the enemy camp. Today, our enemy is at the front line of a confrontation with us.

The enemy hides behind many masks, but you all have managed to expose their conspiracies in order to expose their real character. Once upon a time the United States was thought of as the standard-bearer of human rights and liberty, but the truth came out and all was revealed. Now as a result of our strength, resistance, courage, and sacrifice, everyone knows that the U.S. is nothing more than a rogue criminal enterprise.

Today the enemy has put up all these fronts so that they can fight our people, but they have lost miserably as we have arrived at their doorstep. When they create figures, who are behind various conspiracies and the organization of all kinds of coups, that person ends up being directly linked to their vice president and secretary of state. Ultimately they have been discredited and shown for their incompetence. One can now clearly see who is really responsible for these plots and treachery. Our people, however, are aware and enlightened and at this point in time, the United States and the evil British, who are always looking to bluff us, will be outwitted until the point where they no longer have any cards to play.

Naghdi, born in Iraq, was a member of Iranian Quds forces involved in international terrorism before he was appointed in 2009 by Ayatollah Khamenei as commander of the Basij. He has previously threatened the assassination of American generals in retaliation for the killing of the Iranian nuclear scientists.