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January 2, 2014 - 11:01 pm

As Bill Whittle notes in his newest Afterburner video, Social Proof, which used to be called ‘Peer Pressure,’ is essentially a type of mob mentality that convinces people to go along with the herd. President Obama is really President Social Proof — he convinced a slew of voters that to question him was to be racist. Now, several voices are crying out that the Emperor…President…is wearing no clothes, and all that’s left to do is run the hollow people into the river.

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All Comments   (4)
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As I have said here before many times, it will be a long time in hell before another black president will ever be elected again. This president has killed the chance of a real black president sitting in the White House for a very long time. It's a shame this half and half has discredited legitimate black people from being elected because of the colour of his skin.

The president of lies and debt, you earned it you wear it.
1 year ago
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Indeed, SADDLE UP!

(In my life as an occasional college professor, I've watched the twenty-somethings morph from cheerful Progressive Utopians at the foot of their Lord Obama to pragmatists with many questions about Lord Bumblefoot-in-mouth's various programs to destroy their future.)

1 year ago
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Well, I surely hope you're right. Unfortunately, I live in a leftist area, and all I see is that his supporters, and there are still MANY, are only becoming more vicious. Dangerous and vicious.
There will no doubt be blood.
1 year ago
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It's only 2014.

Obama, members of his administration, his enablers, supporters and hangers-on remain on the field of battle - and it IS a battke - for another two years at least.

Being "present", their hands on the tiller, have shown the will and determination to do their damnest to "fundamentally transform the nation".

Their not so secret code for their long game, engineered for decades, of destruction. To date succeeded beyond their wildest DREAMS to destroy two centuries of respect and envy for the benefits, the CAN-DO "character" AND the generosity of THOSE YANKS.Those "common men/women led by uncommon men as:.

THE model for ALL in their insistence of the dignity and value of "The common man". Having determined to stop bowing the head and bending the knee to self appointed, self propagating, incestuous hereditary "rulers".

The intended fundamental transformation of America to the cheers and accolades of anti-Americans world wide. Nobel Peace Prize to Obama. For what?

With full cooperation from New Age Oprafied Americans. No longer defined as Independent:

From distant detached government - Court, princes and courtiers. Who knew and were interested in the colonists - todays inhabitants in the flyover zone, the Red States, boondocks, provinces, and heaven forfend Alaska ... ONLY as milch - cow. Bribing them with promises of eternal security and affluence just for existing.

AND we must expect from evidence to date with the policy of "payback" they shall not go gentle into that good night when IF challenged to:

1. tell the truth, if even capable of knowing what that is.
2. do the "right" the ethical, the principled thing. Words and concepts to ridicule non-members - those "Commoners" who they despise. Because so easily gulled by them?. And that's just the "representatives of the People" of all facitons.
3. comply with the law as it is written. Without illegal tweaks and spin underwritten by their experts in social engineering: psychology, polls, media and academia of course. And "representatives of the People" who to serve themselves to the biggest part of what's on the table cooperate, compromise, vote present or absent themselves. Anything but take up the cudgel thrown by the socalled compassionate liberals during the past half century Now unapoligetically by this Obama with his "Stop me if you can" tactics.
4. etc.

Are present day Americans, with short memories and cosseted for too long by government "handouts", up to the job presenting itself to them. The job of being unpopular with the "big boys on the block" who can and SHALL make them pay for anyEFFECTIVE resistance to their plans for fundamental transformation of the nation.
1 year ago
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