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December 23, 2013 - 11:56 pm

Obama’s second-term disappointment: He’s reduced to mafioso behavior and hipster Twitter ads, Glenn Reynolds of notes in the latest edition of Instavision, featuring an interview with fellow pioneering blogger Mickey Kaus, of Kausfiles, now affiliated with the Daily Caller. Also, the great Obamacare mystery — why are conservative groups not suing? Click on the above video to watch Glenn Reynolds and Mickey Kaus discuss all this and more.

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Reynolds, a lawyer, failed to mention on this video that the federal government's involvement in health insurance is illegal. That might not be a fun thing to debate, but it's that cut and dried. It's more fun to talk about the illegal treatment the Obamacare law has endured, as Kaus pointed out with his "exceeded his authority" comment about the judges willingness to do justice.

But that only amounts to the illegal treatment of a law that is patently illegal in the first place.
51 weeks ago
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1) The Institutional Republicans are not suing because they are on the side of the State against the people. Conservative groups are not suing because "standing" is so closely defined as to preclude access to the courts by the serfs.

2) "What if they had Socialism and nobody signed up?"

Wait for it.

Subotai Bahadur
51 weeks ago
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Back in October, 1917, he Russian serfs were freed from the landed gentry only to land in the hands of the Communists. Things didn't work out too well, but things were bad to begin with.

We're now being relegated to serfs, but that's where the analog stops. Things were pretty good before we landed in the hands of the globo-socialists. Now they're reduced to arguing that healthcare was "substandard" before this great new law, but I don't remember it that way. There's some serious history rewriting to be done, but the Obamacare con game proceeds apace.
51 weeks ago
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