The moral precepts are better known as the Ten Commandments. They and the many expositions on them contained in Moses’ writings were (and are) absolutely foundational to the development of jurisprudence and common law in Western nations like ours. On these dictates and the ideals they communicate rest many “rights” we take for granted every day.

No wonder Israel is “the lone country in the Middle East that stands for freedom, [and] individual rights” like the “freedom of religion and the right to private property.” And it is in Israel that we also find “freedom of speech and of the press.”

(FYI – Freedom of speech, in particular, is a right which many Muslim nations view as “a Western concept that completely contradicts Islam.”)

Israel puts the “Judeo” in the Judeo-Christian heritage that undergirds our nation. To them we own our gratitude and fidelity, especially at a time when the enemies they face are militant Islamists bent not simply on starting a war with Israel, but in using that war as a means to their greater goal of destroying Western civilization.

It’s been said that “we cannot defend Western civilization without defending its Jewish component,” because apart from that Jewish component “modern Western culture would have been unthinkable.”

So I ask you once more: if we won’t fight for Israel, for whom shall we fight?