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House Dem: Senate Immigration Bill Would Pass with ‘About 245 Votes’

Rep. Rob Andrews tells PJ Media that Reid should send the immigration bill to the House and "let the majority work its will."

Nicholas Ballasy


August 5, 2013 - 6:53 pm
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New Jersey Democratic Rep. Rob Andrews told PJ Media that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should send the immigration bill that passed last month to the House for consideration.

“I think that he should and I think if he does that, that the speaker should let the majority work its will – put the bill on the floor, make an order of certain amendments – if people want to pass them they can; if they can’t, they can’t,” Andrews, the co-chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, said on Capitol Hill before lawmakers left for recess.

“But I think a majority of this country and a majority of this Congress is clearly for this bill. It will do the country a lot of good and I think the speaker should let us vote on it.”

Reid has not forwarded the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, which passed the Senate on June 27, to the House.

The legislation includes a pathway to citizenship for the millions of immigrants illegally residing in the U.S.

House Speaker John Boehner has said the House would not take up the Senate-passed bill but instead work on its own step-by-step approach to immigration reform.

“I’ve made it clear and I’ll make it clear again, the House does not intend to take up the Senate bill,” Boehner said on July 8. “The House is going to do its own job in developing an immigration bill.”

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers is working on an immigration reform compromise.

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Dennis Michael Lynch has produced two very good documentaries explaining how amnesty will be a disaster for this country: They Come to America I and They Come to America II. Look them up on the internet by those titles and order the DVDs. To get maximum viewers he is selling them really cheap -- $19.99 for 5 copies. They are very well done

Order as many as you can afford and give them to anyone who promises to watch them.

Michelle Bachman has advised patriots that they need to "melt the telephones" of Congressmen to stop the open borders' nation killing amnesty for illegal aliens and to secure the border.

We need many, many people calling, and Mr. Lynch's film will greatly help to recruit more concerned citizens to get on the telephones and tell the politicians: "No amnesty, no now, not ever, period and secure the border (without any deals on amnesty).
1 year ago
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It's strange that the dems are DEMANDING the House vote on the Senate immigration bill but the Democrat controlled Senate keeps ignoring bills that pass in the house....

Pot.... Meet Kettle.
1 year ago
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What say does Nancy Pelosi have over what the Speaker does?
1 year ago
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The majorities will of the house, maybe. Not the will of the people they are supposed to represent. It's clear from the senate vote the senators are voting self interest defined by how much money they can get from their big business and corporations sponsors who are for amnesty and will give big bucks for a 'yea' vote.
1 year ago
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I am of two minds.

1) This is an abomination and is a major step in a fundamental cultural change in the US

2) This will accelerate the demise of the blue state model as the huge costs of the new legal immigrants overwhelm all social services while failing to generate the tax dollars needed to prop up social security and medicare

Maybe both? This is the utmost in legislative irresponsibility but may have some positive unintended consequences.
1 year ago
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One has to wonder how many votes it would get if the misleading claims about what the bill would do and its misleading language about such things as English proficiency were made know to all. Personally I wouldn't vote for something so dishonest even if I did favor an amnesty bill.
1 year ago
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