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April 26, 2013 - 12:40 am

Langston Bowens is a high school senior at Grosse Pointe South in Michigan, and helped arrange for Sen. Rick Santorum to speak at his school. But a funny thing happened after the speech was announced: School district officials changed their minds and cancelled the event. The story may have ended there, but Langston Bowens refused to be bullied by officials he felt objected to the speech based on their own, personal beliefs, so he took a stand. Col. Allen West sat down with Langston at the Reagan Center library in Santa Barbara to find out how he was able to challenge the system…and win.

Click here for an embeddable YouTube version of Col. West’s latest video, and here to visit Next Generation TV.

The Next Generation initiatives from PJ Media were launched in February 2013. Under the brand of NextGeneration.TV, they focus on the issues of the day through the perspective of the next generation, as well as how all Americans can stand up for their nation’s future. Through weekly newsletters and alerts, Internet TV, live events, social media, and outreach programs, the NextGeneration.TV team helps grandparents, parents and youth examine the issues confronting the next generation in the areas of America’s economic future, educational pursuits, employment, safety and security, and basic human freedoms.

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All Comments   (4)
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Langston, you are a bright light in a gloomy world. Your interview made my day! I wish you every success and happiness.
50 weeks ago
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Bravo to Langston and his parents! This young man helps to give me hope for our future.
51 weeks ago
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What a fine young man.

School administrative oppression must be in the local water, Oakland University is only 30 miles from Gross Pointe. Good thing he's headed to Hillsdale:
51 weeks ago
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Bravo to Langston Bowen for his principled and tenacious stand and kudos to Col. West for bringing this to our attention.

I'm looking forward to many more great contributions to America from both of you in the coming years!
51 weeks ago
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