Media elites are debating whether ObamaCare is a tax or a penalty. They proclaim that if you buy insurance then you are not taxed. However, the plague has not fully run its course. The bill is diseased with taxes – taxes on instruments, machines, probably even the Kleenex. Not to mention that the morgue will be filled with IOUs from anyone who makes $18,700 or more and defiantly doesn’t care to pay the tax. The IRS pallbearers will be laden with the weight of unpaid bills.

The ultimate death is to American independence and to the American people whose health will inevitably suffer.

ObamaCare is a tax. ObamaCare is a government takeover. ObamaCare is a usurpation of 1/6 of the American economy. ObamaCare is the monster that will devour American’s renowned medical genius and ingenuity.

Obama deceived America and Obama usurped the legislative branch with his great pretend — that it was not a tax. Upon ObamaCare will be the fall of America unless it is overturned by the people.

Hence the greatness of the United States Constitution, one of the three miracles that made and keep America — the bravery of the men who designed the Declaration of Independence, the victory of the men who won the American Revolutionary War, and the genius of the men who orchestrated the United States Constitution.

Due to the separation of the powers and the three branches of government, Americans can save the republic with their vote in November. The buck does not stop with the Supreme Court. With a Republican majority in Congress and Romney at the helm, Americans can reclaim their independence from defiant, demanding, and duplicitous Democrats — President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate.

“They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity,” declared our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. Sound familiar?