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Florida Congressman on Obama, Scandals: ‘Liberal Groups Will Be Next’

Members on whether Snowden is a traitor and whether they're getting the full story on the NSA.

Nicholas Ballasy


June 18, 2013 - 3:29 pm
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Edward Snowden, who leaked classified information about the National Security Agency’s surveillance program, is “not a whistleblower,” Florida Republican Rep. Trey Radel told PJ Media.

He also connected the NSA leak to the IRS scandal, warning that if Congress gives the Obama administration “an inch, they’ll take a mile.”

Radel was asked if he agrees with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that Snowden is “a traitor.”

“I think that he needs a fair trial. Look, in his situation, he needs to be tried, period. He violated his place of work, it’s a national security issue but he’s not a whistleblower,” responded Radel on Capitol Hill.

“Okay, we keep hearing that this guy is a whistleblower. A whistleblower would have gone through the proper channels and not moved to China to go grab headlines in newspapers and try to get the spotlight on him.”

Republican Tennessee Rep. Phil Roe told PJ Media that his constituents are “very concerned” about the NSA accessing their phone records.

“I voted against the Patriot Act. I was very concerned about habeas corpus rights and our rights as individuals and I really do believe even though you hear people talk about this person who exposed this is a traitor or whatever, I don’t believe that,” Roe said.

“I don’t think that and people out there where I live in Tennessee, 720,000 people I represent, are very concerned.”

President Obama recently said the federal government is not listening in on Americans’ phone calls.

PJ Media also asked Radel if he has any doubts about Obama’s statement.

“I don’t know but here’s what I do know. If liberals, Democrats are looking at what the IRS did, for example, and saying, you know, that’s kind of funny, that’s cute, they targeted tea parties. Here’s the problem: liberal groups will be next. I want to stand up for everyone and make sure that the executive branch is kept in check because I don’t have these answers,” he said.

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Liberal groups will not be next; there will never come a day when liberal political groups get pushed around by a variety of governmental agencies the way conservative groups have. It is not because Republicans are above such things, but because there are not enough people in the IRS or the EPA who think its great for liberals to get picked on.

What I'm saying is this; the people who work for the IRS, possibly the labor union that really runs the thing think its just fine and dandy for conservatives to get harassed. Conservatives are all evil anyway, so its ok to do what was done. These people won't stand for liberals to be treated likewise, and would blow the lid off any attempt at "payback".

The only people who will have their rights violated are conservatives.

I think liberals all know this, and that is why the left isn't real concerned about the IRS scandal. The union will close ranks, people will take the 5th, and with the media's help the whole thing will blow over eventually.
1 year ago
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If you were going to go up against Obama, Hillary, Holder, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, IRS, EPA, HLS and who knows what other agencies with licenses to arrest and kill -- think LAPD vs. Christopher Dorner -- what would you do? Where would you go?

Did you not see what Obama, Hillary and their literal brownshirts -- our own California freedom-defending sheriffs -- did to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula in the middle of the night? For producing a video they needed to blame for their own failure in Benghazi?

I highly doubt Snowden and I agree on much of anything, except that Obama is a liar and made things worse.

So, you see what the government is doing and decide to say something, knowing the full weight of the Federal Authorities will come crashing down on your head.

What would you do? Who would you trust? CBS? NBC? ABC? NPR? NYT? Washington Post? Your local mayor? Your state's governor? Buzzfeed? Huffington Post?

You'd be dead in an hour -- in a horrible shark attack while surfing or "tragic" car crash in Hawaii, or you simply disappear -- and we all know it.

Personally, I'm rethinking Breitbart's demise. You really think a Los Angeles coroner's report under DNC chairman Anthony Villaraigosa can't be "adjusted" to "natural causes" to meet CIA/FBI/NSA/IRS/DNC goals?

Sorry for getting my conspiracy on, but man, what would you do in Snowden's shoes?
1 year ago
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Killing a couple of cops might have something to do with Dorner death don't you think?

The jury is still out on Snowden. He is not a true whistleblower. He is either a paid agent of China or this is a setup for a deception campaign agaisnt China. He is only a hero in the latter case.

Libertarians are as gullible as Progressives.
1 year ago
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Well, I'd risk discrediting, eviction from school/my job (if I had one, that is), even death to expose their crimes to the American people, and would NOT resort to exposing this sort of information to any of our foreign enemies. None of the guys in "The Clinton Chronicles" exposee on Clinton committed treason by leaking this information to China, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, or any of those guys, they remained strictly focused on the American people, despite the fact they would have their reputations, their jobs, even their lives put at stake just by going domestically public with this information. I would rather die than either let the current leaders in our government get away with our crimes, OR leak said sensitive information to our foreign adversaries. It's what the founding fathers would have wanted.
1 year ago
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