Neta Borshansky: Ms. Borshansky came to the Civil Rights Division straight out of law school as part of the attorney general’s Honors Program, and it’s clear that Eric Holder liked what he saw. At UC-Davis Law School, Ms. Borshansky co-founded an activist group that takes trips around the nation. Her particular trip was to New Orleans, where she and her fellow students volunteered at the Louisiana Capital Assistance Center, which advocates on behalf of convicted murderers facing the death penalty, and the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice/People’s Organizing Committee, another militant left-wing organization. The California Bar Foundation awarded her a “public interest scholarship” for “[dedicating] her time to issues of fair housing, disability rights, prisoner rights, and Hurricane Katrina disaster relief.”

Lucy G. Carlson: Ms. Carlson contributed $500 to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign before gaining her ticket into a career civil service position in the Civil Rights Division.

The Justice Department, however, conspicuously redacted nearly all of her community activities.

Jessica Crockett: Ms. Crockett joined the Section as part of the attorney general’s Honors Program, fresh off a judicial clerkship with an extremely liberal federal judge (Solomon Oliver) in Cleveland, and only a year out of law school. While a student at Ohio State’s law school, she was a leader of the Black Law Students Association and the coordinator of the Street Law Program.

She also wrote a ridiculous law review article titled “Putting the Ball in a New Court: Using Restorative Justice as a Means to Punish NBA Players for the Commission of Violent Offenses,” in which she argued that “rather than issuing blanket game suspensions for violent acts between players in the NBA, the NBA should institute a dispute resolution model that incorporates restorative justice in the form of victim-offender mediations and community impact panels.”

Interestingly, racial separatism was nothing new to Ms. Crockett at Ohio State. As an undergraduate at Northwestern, she was part of the leadership of the Black Student Alliance at Northwestern, which affectionately referred to itself as “For Members Only.”

Her community activities were also redacted from her resume.

Joel Flaxman: Mr. Flaxman, only a few years out of law school, is a contender for most radical ideologue hired into the Section. He is a financial contributor to the Center for Constitutional Rights, a militantly left-wing organization that has aggressively advocated on behalf of terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay, illegal aliens, racial preferences in hiring, abortionists, and a litany of other extremist liberal causes. He also served as a Public Interest Fellow at the liberal American Constitution Society.

During his time at Michigan Law School, he was a prolific writer on aggressively radical causes. He penned a bizarre article in which he suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court should decline to hear a case anytime a state supreme court has overprotected individual liberties. Apparently, neither the state nor the public has a right to ensure that the Constitution is not enforced overly broadly. Heaven help us if that were true.

He also helped research a report titled “Documenting Discrimination in Voting: Judicial Findings Under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act,” which was intended to be used to bolster the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act against subsequent constitutional attacks. But as the attorneys in an ongoing constitutional challenge to the VRA recently pointed out, the report is fundamentally flawed and grossly misleading. It appears that Mr. Flaxman never considered the fact that anyone might actually probe the data underlying his research. (Fun aside: the primary author of the report was none other than the Anna Baldwin of “Queer Resistance Front” infamy from the Division’s Voting Section, whom we have chronicled before.)