Laureen Dumadag Laglagaron: Ms. Laglagaron joined the Section from the Migration Policy Institute, where she managed a research project designed to marshal evidence against the government’s so-called “287(g) program,” which authorizes local law enforcement to assist federal authorities in enforcing our federal immigration laws. She previously worked at the ACLU in its Immigrant Rights Project and at the liberal Urban Institute in its Population Studies Center. She was named by Filipinas Magazine to be one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in America. The magazine described her as a “Filipino community and immigrant advocate.”

Michael Mulé: A member of the Latino Alliance, a Hispanic advocacy organization, Mr. Mulé arrived in the Section after having worked since law school graduation at the Empire Justice Center in upstate New York. This organization describes itself as:

A statewide, multi-issue, multi-strategy public interest law firm focused on changing the “systems” within which poor and low income families live. With a focus on poverty law, Empire Justice undertakes research and training, acts as an informational clearinghouse, and provides litigation backup to local legal services programs and community based organizations. As an advocacy organization, we engage in legislative and administrative advocacy on behalf of those impacted by poverty and discrimination. As a non-profit law firm, we provide legal assistance to those in need and undertake impact litigation in order to protect and defend the rights of disenfranchised New Yorkers.

Just another neutral Civil Rights Division attorney that employers can trust to treat them fairly and to conduct investigations in an objective and evenhanded manner. Or perhaps not.

Daria Neal: Ms. Neal joins the Section as a deputy chief after spending approximately six years as a senior counsel at the liberal Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (WLCCR), where she focused primarily on the organization’s Environmental Justice Project. Her blog posts on behalf of the WLCCR while attending the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen reveal an odd environmental militancy, and suggest that she likely spends much of her time channeling Al Gore. Just before her arrival at DOJ, she even authored a report for the organization — “The Time is Now: Implementation of Environmental Justice Policy In the Obama Administration” — in which she advocated for such an extreme environmental regulatory policy that countless companies would be put out of business and unemployment would balloon if any politician dared consider it.

She also continues to impart her out-of-the-mainstream views to students at Howard Law School, where she teaches an “Environmental Justice Seminar” focusing on the “intersection between civil rights and environmental laws.”

Kavitha Sreeharsha: Before joining the Civil Rights Division, Ms. Sreeharsha was a senior staff attorney at Legal Momentum, The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, a left-wing advocacy organization heavily funded by George Soros that fights to make abortions easier. She also worked extensively on Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, canvassing for him in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. In fact, she announced with glee to the newsletter of her law school’s civil justice clinic how much she had enjoyed campaigning for Obama and “working to turn Virginia blue.” She even found time to serve as a steering committee member of “South Asians for Obama” in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, D.C.

Prior to her time with Legal Momentum, Ms. Sreeharsha served as a staff attorney at Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, another liberal advocacy group that has been a vocal proponent of gay marriage and race-based assignment of students in public schools, and a vehement opponent of the enforcement of federal immigration laws. The group’s website suggests that deportation tends to separate families and destabilize communities. Might as well not enforce the law, then.

During law school, she interned for the liberal Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (a far-left organization whose website describes in depth the lobbying it undertakes on behalf of criminals), and Equal Rights Advocates (a liberal pro-abortion outfit that has spent substantial resources as of late trying to encourage the filing of dubious lawsuits against Wal-Mart).