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Does Joe Miller Have Any Hope of Making Up Ground in Alaska Senate Race?

Some conservatives -- and the candidate -- seem to think so. (For complete 2014 midterm coverage, get your campaign fix on The Grid.)

Rod Kackley


July 5, 2014 - 12:05 am
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Someone forgot to tell Joe Miller the party’s over, the Alaska GOP Senate primary has already been decided.

Miller hasn’t noticed the lights are being turned out, the last of the balloons have fallen from the ceiling and the confetti is being swept up.

He’s still partying like there is more than a month to go before Republicans decide Aug. 19 who will run against Sen. Mark Begich (D) in November.

Maybe Miller is just having too much fun picking up endorsements from conservatives who also missed the “this party’s over” email, and poking fun at Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, another of the GOP Senate primary candidates, for attending what is being called the “Putin Pity Party.”

Or maybe the Alaska Senate GOP primary race is just so sizzling hot that he can’t back away from the flame.

Real Clear Politics has Dan Sullivan leading the GOP Senate primary pack by 11.5 points over Treadwell. Miller is so far back that it’s ridiculous. Real Clear Politics has Sullivan ahead of Miller by 21.5 points.

But conservatives are still flocking to the Miller campaign. Maybe they are thinking that if Miller does pull off a victory, it would not be the first time he has shocked the mainstream media and the elders of the Grand Old Party.

Miller rocked the establishment’s political world in 2010 when he defeated incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) in the Alaskan Republican primary, only to lose to Murkowski when she mounted a write-in campaign in November.

The general election campaign was an incredibly contentious affair with Sarah Palin announcing on Fox News that October that an Anchorage TV station’s news department had conspired to run false stories about Miller on the air.

That came days after Miller’s security team arrested and held a journalist for several hours at one of his campaign events.

Fast-forward by a few months less than two years, and Miller has not gone away. Even though he was ridiculed in the mainstream press for putting a reporter in handcuffs, Miller announced in May 2013 that he was back and again wanted a place in the U.S. Senate.

The Conservative Patriots Group, billing itself as the largest grassroots conservative/tea party organization in Alaska, endorsed Miller on July 1 with 53 percent of the group’s members voting for Miller, 23 percent for Treadwell and 12 percent for Sullivan.

“With the support of grassroots Alaskans, our campaign will prevail in the primary election, defeat Mark Begich in November, and take our fight to restore freedom all the way to the nation’s Capitol,” said Miller in a statement on his Facebook page.

The Conservative Patriots Group is not the only organization ignoring the “last call” issued by Sullivan’s campaign staff, who have been focused like a laser on running against Begich as if the Treadwell and Miller campaigns didn’t exist.

Miller also received the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Assembly by a vote of over two-thirds of its convention members on June 25.

“The bar for endorsement by the AKRA is high; a Republican candidate must receive the vote of two-thirds of the voting members at the endorsement convention,” said Ron Johnson, the vice president of the Alaska Republican Assembly. “AKRA actively works to develop and promote true conservative Republican candidates for public offices. In short, we are the Republican wing of the Republican Party.”

Miller may have been busy as a third-place candidate scrambling to paper walls with campaign signs and convince voters he’s not out of the running, but he took time to slam Treadwell for attending what a writer for the Daily Beast described as a “Putin Pity Party.”

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Miller, a pathetic fool had his unique chance to become one of the most prominent young senators in the US Senate when after having received endorsment from Sarah Palin he rode the wawe of an unprecedented popularity.
Unfortunately, that undeserved success has so much infected his brain and he began losing his mind.
Firstly he caused a spat between himself and Palin's husband Todd by showing an amazing ingratitude and refusing to say anything positive about Sarah.
Then he switched his alliances nad tied himself up to morons like Huckabee and thus putting off much of his potential electorate.
He proved to be e moron despite being fomally highly educated and quallified and no longer deserves any support from anyone.
34 weeks ago
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No, Miller has no hope. Chronically unemployed, he sees elective office as a money making opportunity, not a calling. Bye Joe Miller.
34 weeks ago
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Miller is a horribly inept candidate.

After winning the nomination against Murkowski, he failed to even try to mend fences and close ranks with her. He and his team gloated instead, leaving Murkowski to steam with her long-time advisers (who faced unemployment) urging her to do the write-in thing.

And then, he managed to lose to the write-in effort.

He's a loser. I don't care if he does check all the right boxes on the issues survey, he sucks as a candidate.
34 weeks ago
34 weeks ago Link To Comment
Joe Miller's biggest problem is not the Democrat opponent, but instead the idiot fake conservative Republicans who miss no chance to trash any candidate who is not deemed suitable according to the Karl Rove measuring stick. This would exclude Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and George Washington. Keep an eye out for those mocking Joe Miller. They are the ones responsible for the awful character of the current Republican Party, as witnessed by the stolen election in Mississippi.
34 weeks ago
34 weeks ago Link To Comment
I'm going to send beer money to Joe Millers instead of spending it on Sam Adams beer which deserves to be bankrupted. All of you who think that you will be better off under the Progressive Rulers in the two political parties will be very disappointed They are leaders of the "National Me First Party"; you re the dupes who follow hem.
34 weeks ago
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my posts have so often been said, let the primary do what it is intended, and make sure that all running in the primary pledge to support the winner.

Would be nice if we also stopped with the notion that people can cross over and vote in other party's primary races.
34 weeks ago
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Another one with a Crystal ball...Art: Where do you guys buy these things?? You are all so self-certain, yet your track records suck. I'd get a refund on that Crystal ball before too much longer.\
34 weeks ago
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Joe Miller is Mark Begich's best hope for remaining in his ill-gotten Senate seat. Miller is as crazy as a sh*t house rat, but then so is a sizeable portion of the Alaska electorate. Begich won't have to destroy Miller in the General, Miller will do it himself; there's a reporter out there somewhere waiting to be arrested by some of Miller's Mall Ninja security guys. Begich will have an easy time beating on Sullivan for the fact that he has almost no time in nor ties with the State. Alaska is a place where your time here IS your resume. Sullivan doesn't have a resume by that standard.

Erickson and his minions banned me from RedState in '10 because I told them they were idiots for backing Miller. Maybe they've learned something.
34 weeks ago
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