President Obama’s supporters should hope Attorney General Eric Holder resigns. His embarrassing tenure has given Republicans a potent symbol of leftist extremism combined with comic incompetence. This nasty blend is symbolic of the entire administration, as shattered expectations of moderation and competence played a significant role in the midterm tsunami.

Some would certainly like to see the festering mess at the Justice Department continue through 2011. But I know firsthand how the resignation of an attorney general can help rejuvenate both the DOJ and the White House.

I was at the Department of Justice when the bumbling saga of Alberto Gonzales finally ended. Gonzales, attacked by fiercely partisan Democrats over the phony U.S. attorney scandal, meekly accepted the arguments of his foes and surrendered on every point. As Jonah Goldberg wrote at the time:

Gonzales was a piñata for Democrats; bash him from any angle and you got a prize.

Instead of exiting the stage, Gonzales abandoned loyal subordinates to escape personal responsibility for the public relations disaster. One wonders what inept lawyer-strategist was giving him advice. Hopefully that individual is forever far removed from Republican politics. Wild attacking dogs chase whatever flees — only facing the enemy and fighting for your life works inside the Beltway. Bill Clinton knew this well.

It was easy to predict how Alberto Gonzales’ reign would end: once he accepted the complaints of his mortal enemies and sought to placate them, his tenure was sure to unravel, and so it did. As the quisling era of Alberto Gonzales faded into the Michael Mukasey era, the Department of Justice was rejuvenated. General Mukasey implemented a series of steps to put the past in the past. Relief spread across the Department when Gonzales resigned.

Defenders of President Obama should pay attention. No matter how difficult it is for them to toss Eric Holder overboard, the deed must be done. Otherwise, Holder’s incompetence and radicalism will fuel the run-up to the next presidential election. Obama needs the measured integrity of his own Michael Mukasey to help win re-election.

The problems with Holder’s tenure are so numerous it is hard to know where to start.

When Eric Holder visited the Voting Section at DOJ in March 2009, a circus followed, which I have written about here at PJM. The racialist Acting Assistant Attorney General Loretta King stood in front of Holder and the entire Voting Section and announced how every day she beams with pride “because two black men are running the country.” Had an announcement of this sort been made at a Winn-Dixie staff meeting during the Clinton administration, the very same Loretta King would have been engineering a lawsuit against the grocer.

Did Attorney General Holder reprimand Loretta King for her inappropriate racial comments? Or worse, would he defend her comments? Congress can ask him in oversight hearings, unless wiser Democrats decide it is time for Eric Holder to go before that.

Loretta King is the same incompetent partisan involved in dismissing the slam-dunk voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party. King also once told another assembled section in the Civil Rights Division that she was a proud beneficiary of affirmative action. You’d never guess.

King’s blame has diminished over the last few months, however, as records have emerged through a Judicial Watch lawsuit. They prove top level presidential appointees at Justice were driving the New Black Panther dismissal, not career attorneys disagreeing with career attorneys — as we heard under oath. Even so, King — devout defender of the New Black Panther dismissal — couldn’t accept the notion that blacks could be defendants in a civil rights case, and still doesn’t.