When the beloved American sitcom of the 70s, Happy Days, was shedding viewers faster than Obama has recently shed supporters, the show’s writers got desperate. So desperate that they dressed the public’s favorite character — Fonzie — in his best leather jacket, swimming trunks, and a pair of water skis for a vacation scene. Fonzie, the hero’s hero, encountered a shark, whose ominous fin was big enough to fit a man-eating monster the size of a whale. But Fonzie was not deterred. He blithely jumped the shark with water-skiing prowess the likes of which had never been seen. It was a stunt fit for Evel Knievel.

Viewers were not as desperate to save Happy Days, however.

Instead of propping up the show’s popularity, that scene became memorialized by Americans as the symbol of pure, pitiful, downright embarrassing desperation. The rational viewer’s willingness to suspend disbelief to jump-the-shark levels was tested past the breaking point, and the show became the water-cooler joke of the decade. A far, far cry from what the erstwhile writers had intended.

What we have here in America today is a real-life jump-the-shark drama, starring a super-narcissistic president so desperate to create his own vainglorious legacy that he is willing to destroy his own political party and do enduring damage to his country in pursuit of his purely selfish ends.

Standing in arrogant defiance of the will of the American citizenry, Barack Obama — Narcissus incarnate — pulled every dirty trick in the corrupt politician’s playbook to save his floundering presidency for the glory of the five minutes it took him to sign his ill-gotten prize.

Before the ink was dry, the judicial civil war began. The attorneys general of at least 13 states have already filed constitutional challenges. Anti-ObamaCare moves in numerous other states are working through individual legislatures. Nullification laws have been passed in Idaho, Virginia, and Utah; others are set to follow. State constitutional amendments to ban ObamaCare are being promoted in other states.

Despite the few remaining Obama sycophants on the far left and in the gasping-for-breath old media, this nation is experiencing a rebirth of the Reagan Reformation — a resurgence of anti-big-government forces — which was wholly unimaginable a mere 12 months ago. In spite of himself, Obama has become the one conservatives have only dreamed of — a single man who would perfectly display the despicable picture of tyranny for the American people. Thanks to Obama, the citizenry have clearly seen the horrendous beast of tyranny for the first time in more than a century.

Yet the narcissist in chief stares at his own reflection, beams in the limelight provided by his few remaining adorers, and bows until his back aches, fully believing that he truly is the god conjured by the imaginations of his idolatrous campaign groupies. Insulated in his bubble of Chicago cronies, his ego propped up continually by Reggie Love, with all the accoutrements of the presidency at his disposal, Narcissist O has just gotten his own kind of Enabling Act.

When Obama jumped the shark on health care reform and didn’t immediately drown, his ego instantaneously puffed to the size of one of his own whoppers — at least 3000 percent.