Yoani Sanchez is a blogger who persists in offending Cuba’s dictatorial masters by continuing to think freely. For this reason, Time called her one of the most influential people in the world. I call her the most dangerous woman in Cuba, because the gravest offense a Cuban resident can commit is to think and act independently.

On November 6, Sanchez — who writes about the absurdity of life in the “workers’ paradise” at a blog called Generation Y — was detained and beaten in Havana while on her way to an anti-violence demonstration, of all things.

The problem for Cuba’s bloodthirsty dictator, Raul Castro, is that only government-sponsored demonstrations are permitted in Cuba, and the only government one is allowed to protest is that of the United States. So the regime’s thugs decided that Yoani was getting a little big for her britches (figuratively, because the most dangerous woman in Cuba probably weighs 90 lbs. soaking wet).

Such conduct by the Castro regime is hardly anything new — this is a Stalinist totalitarian regime that has been abusing human rights for more than 50 years. What is new is the coverage that Sanchez and her beating, and those of her blogger colleagues, have gotten from the international media. In the past, media outlets — operating under the terms of a Faustian bargain — have been content to see no evil, hear no evil, and, most importantly, speak of no evil when it comes to the Castro brothers and their corrupt regime.

But Sanchez is an interesting and special case.