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Climategate: Central Figure in Scandal Asked to Step Down (Updated)

"Temporary" removal of Phil Jones until an investigation into Climategate is completed. (Update: Washington Post in denial)

Myron Ebell


December 1, 2009 - 12:06 pm
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The Associated Press is reporting  from London that Professor Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia is temporarily stepping down as director of the Climatic Research Unit, which is at the center of the Climategate scandal.

No surprise there.  Jones has been a goner for days. What is surprising is the reason that the AP gives for his “temporary” removal from his directorship:

The university says Phil Jones will relinquish his position until the completion of an independent review into allegations that he worked to alter the way in which global temperature data was presented.
The AP story’s lead sentence is even more surprising:
Britain’s University of East Anglia says the director of its prestigious Climatic Research Unit is stepping down pending an investigation into allegations that he overstated the case for man-made climate change.
One wonders how long this reporter will last in the mainstream media. He’s clearly not with the MSM program to contain and sanitize this mushrooming scandal.

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Myron Ebell directs the Resourceful Earth project ( at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. He may be contacted at
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