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Cornyn on IRS: Holder Picking Special Counsel Like ‘Fox Guarding the Hen House’

“No accountability, and just rife with conflicts of interest," Texas senator tells PJM.

Nicholas Ballasy


June 11, 2013 - 1:43 pm
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Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn told PJ Media that he opposes having a special counsel investigate the IRS targeting conservatives.

“I actually think it’s probably a mistake to call for a special counsel – actually what it’s called now – because they’re appointed by Eric Holder and that’s really the fox guarding the hen house,” Cornyn, Senate minority whip, told PJ Media on Capitol Hill.

“No accountability, and just rife with conflicts of interest.”

Some Republicans and Democrats have said a special counsel is needed to find out who was responsible for holding tea party and other conservative organizations applying for tax-exempt status to special requirements.

Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman has said that a “special counsel is going to end up being necessary here, because it has to be independent of the White House.”

Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin said he is open to a special counsel.

“I am keeping an open mind on that. I wouldn’t rule it out in terms of special counsel,” said Durbin.

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Who in the IRS gave Harry Reid the tax information of Mitt Romney? Both that person and Harry need to be booted out of office.
1 year ago
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Afraid of putting a fox in the hen house?
They put a pregnant python in the White House, twice. It's still there with it's spawn spreading more pregnant pythons throughout American government.
1 year ago
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And this would be exactly in line with previous practice.

Who chose Ken Starr?

What long-standing relationship did Ken Starr have with Bill Clinton? (HINT: Search on The Lippo Group.)

Did you really think Starr made it all about sex (instead of the many other crimes) through poor judgement?
1 year ago
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My first thought was maybe Sen. Cornyn is correct. Then I saw Sen. McCain's name and changed my mind. As things stand today, my inclination is to think that the best way is always the opposite of what McCain suggests.
1 year ago
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After all this...if these jackwagons allow the IRS to have any enforcement oversight over obamacare whatsoever, we will then know that the Republican party is no different from the Democrats. Obamacare and the IRS both need to be defunded asap! Old Yellowstain sure isn't going to fight either Ted Cruz - abolish the IRS and enact a flat tax.

Remember Benghazi!

1 year ago
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