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Is Team Obama suggesting millennials are suckers for Obamacare? Give us your caption ideas.

The Editors


December 20, 2013 - 4:55 pm

As Nancy Pelosi would say, embrace the suck; click to enlarge to full size.

Obamacare’s Footie Pajamas Boy is self-mocking even without additional Photoshopping, but that didn’t stop one of our in-house artists from PJ Media from adding his own special touch to an already special, special image.

However, it’s up to you to provide the best caption, in the contest. (The one above is just temporary.) Some ideas that immediately come to mind beyond it are:

1. Obamacare: Babying our Millenials.

2. Do Millenials think that Obamacare sucks?

3. It sucks to be Obamacare Millenial Pajamas Boy.

But we’re sure you’ll think of something even better. Have at it in the comments below.

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I've lived with my mommy for 4 years of college because it saves me $600 a month on rent that I can spend on weed and she washes my jammies. In 2008, between bong hits my friend convinced me the cool kids on campus want to help the uninsured get health care coverage and voting for Obama would soothe my anxiety of not knowing how to defend my not yet formed views on adult issues. Seemed safe and non threatening and he looked like Morgan Freeman except for the fist bumps.

I just received a letter that says I need to spend $600 a month to get a mamogram and insurance coverage in case my cervix needs to be removed. I'm not sure I have a cervix. They don't seem to care. All I know is there goes my pot stash and my Mom just lost her job and when she moves away to the South Dakota Fracking fields next month to make money, I won't know how much fabric softener to use on my jammies.

Obama wants to stop the fracking, but I hope he waits until Mom makes enough to send me dope money and new jammies. My iphone speaks french.
47 weeks ago
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1. You're in good hands with Crawlstate.

2. Like a good neighbor, your parents' basement is there.

3. We have to put it in a diaper to find out what's in it.
47 weeks ago
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1) When Sucking On The Government Teat Just Isn't Enough

2) The Moment You Know Living In Mom's Basement Has Lasted One Month Too Long

3) Millenial Metrosexual Bedwear, for the guy who can't get any...and gives up

4) Totally Modern Millie-enial

5) Obamacare covers castrations!

6) Signed up for Obamacare and had identity stolen, first person in history to have it voluntarily returned

7) If you like your Dr. Denton, you can keep your Dr. Denton

8) If Obama had a son, he would dress like this

9) Obamacare, for the very lame

10) No security, no back end, no clue.
48 weeks ago
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All Comments   (130)
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It takes a village --idiot.
46 weeks ago
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My best friend's aunt makes $88/hr on the computer. She has been without a job for six months but last month her paycheck was $16313 just working on the computer for a few hours. i was reading this >>>>>>
46 weeks ago
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Example of when Big Brother tells you what you can surp, and when you can burp!
47 weeks ago
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Wear your bonnet.
Drink your formula.
Help Finance the Fiasco.

47 weeks ago
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Embrace the Suck! -Nancy Pelosi
47 weeks ago
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Good to the last suckle!
47 weeks ago
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Is this a simulation of Pelosi's teat? The formula is still in powder form... Obama forgot to pee in the bottle.
47 weeks ago
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With apologies to Rodin:

- "The Sucker".
47 weeks ago
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- "At least my back-end is covered."

- "Huh. The bottle is empty, and it has an expiration date of '1/1/2014'."

- "Ah, regurgitated Obamacare talking points. Easily digested."
47 weeks ago
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- "Mmmmmmmmm...tastes like spoiled arugula."

- "I'm glad I have a Big Daddy and Big Mommy to care for me, even if my own parents don't."

- "If it wasn't for Obamacare, I wouldn't suck."

- "Only $500 per bottle. And the government pays every penny. Thanks, Obamacare!"

- "Who's yer Daddy now, Big Boy?"

- "Does this outfit make me look fatuous?"

- "Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this Obamacare pablum is so delightful... ."

- "Obamacare -- From the cradle to the grave."

- "No one told me the Obamacare penalty would be to lose my masculinity."
47 weeks ago
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