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Bonjour Sarkozy – Islamic Police Eject French Woman from Tehran Book Fair

bad%20hijab%20day%201.jpg Iranian women being arrested for improper hijabs by Ardeshir Arian, Pajamas Media Special Correspondent The Cultural Heritage News Agency of Iran reported today that a French woman who attended the Tehran Book Fair on behalf of the French government was taken against her will from the French booth by the Islamic police and ejected from the fair site for an improper hijab. (A new campaign against laxity in the wearing of the hijab is in progress in Iran.)

Ardeshir Arian


May 7, 2007 - 8:26 pm

A CHN correspondent at the location reports that while the French representative was explaining about the books for the Iranian students and other visitors, the outside police rushed into the French booth and forced her out onto the fair grounds.

As people watched in disbelief, an Islamic Guidance and Culture ministry representative who happened to be there and witnessed the incident told the CHN reporter that he did not understand why the uniformed police entered, since the fair has its own custodial security force. He added that this type of behavior concerning a woman from a different culture is an indication of incompetence in the handling of the foreign visitors and guests of this fair.

French vendors trying to protect their own interests explained that she was just there to reply to visitors questions and was not part of the French vendor’s participation.

The Tehran Book Fair (May 1-12) is held in Tehran’s “Mossalla” (Grand Prayer Grounds) where Khomeini’s body was kept on display in a freezer coffin for several days before his burial.

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