But if in the Western world — not to belittle virulent European anti-Israelism and, to a lesser extent, anti-Semitism — an article like Boström’s in a mainstream paper is still unusual, the same cannot be said for the Arab and Muslim world. Israel National News reports that:

Muslim governments are taking advantage of the Ramadan TV season to broadcast anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda, some of it reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda that preceded the Holocaust. … Programs about Israel and the Jewish people are considered top rating draws among Arab media, and each year government-controlled TV stations across the Middle East broadcast programs themed around the supposed treachery committed by Israel or the Jewish people against the Muslims and the world in general.

Offerings include, for instance, a Syrian-produced series called al-Shatat, being shown in Iran this year, that purports to depict the perennial Jewish effort to take over the globe. In it Jewish characters make statements such as “we have been granted an unparalleled honor — to dominate the world, by means of capital, knowledge, politics, by means of killing, or any other ploy.”

The thirty-episode al-Shatat has even been carried in Jordan, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994. And as for Israel’s other official peace partner, Egypt, “no fewer than five new series being broadcast on Egyptian TV this year revolve around Israel and the Jews” — and none of them, it goes without saying, laudatory.

Notice this discord, then, and talk about it — relentless diplomatic activity aimed at “peace,” with the pressure centering overwhelmingly on Israel, in an environment of crude hatred — and you’re called “right-wing.” But, however one wants to call it, the discord exists and is glaring.

And it goes beyond discord to something worse — betrayal. Betrayal, that is, of some of the most fundamental values espoused by some of the very people — who include, no doubt, a good many dovish Israelis and Jews — who most fervently push for Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli “peace” while convincing themselves that the anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish bigotry that is, lamentably, routine in the Arab world is somehow tangential or can be easily overcome despite being rooted in lifetimes of indoctrination.

Publicly express such bigotry — against Jews or others — in the Western world (with exceptions like Aftonbladet) and your career can be ruined. It’s considered shocking, and rightly so. But turn to the Middle East and the screws get turned on the democracy, Israel, which once again is supposed to come up with some package of concessions — the latest is “settlement freeze” — that can conciliate the purveyors of myths of organ-harvesting and the like.