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Tom Harris is Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC).
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Nine Experts Slam EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ Speech

Monday, August 24th, 2015 - by Tom Harris

Like a river in Colorado, the EPA is poisoning the climate debate.

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The Pope’s Climate Letter Urges ‘Dialogue with Everyone,’ So Why Did Vatican Single Out and Harass Us?

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015 - by Tom Harris

Read how the words coming from the Vatican are the exact opposite of their deeds.

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Studies Show When Government Is Skeptical About Climate Change, People Listen

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 - by Tom Harris

Canada's Stephen Harper and others must learn from the GOP's success in starting an actual dialogue.

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Catholic Church Fooled by UN on Climate Change

Friday, May 1st, 2015 - by Tom Harris

The upcoming encyclical letter from the Pope supports keeping the Third World in despair.

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Overconfidence Ruining Climate Debate

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 - by Tom Harris

Accounting for uncertainty is the key to rational policy formulation.

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Ban Ki-Moon Negligent on Climate Science

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 - by Tom Harris

The secretary general ignores the many scientists who present him with conflicting information.

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Gore’s Latest ’24 Hours of Reality’ Promotes Tragic Mistake

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 - by Tom Harris

While developing nations suffer from CO2-scare related energy costs, we are actually near the lowest level of atmospheric CO2 in Earth’s history.

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Telling ‘Noble Lies’ About Climate Change Will Backfire

Friday, April 18th, 2014 - by Tom Harris

Doing the right things for the wrong reasons is a serious mistake

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New Global Warming Report a Disgrace

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 - by Tom Harris

Royal Society/National Academy of Sciences propaganda would enrage Newton.

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Al Gore Strikes Out Again

Sunday, October 27th, 2013 - by Tom Harris

24 hours of reality backwards in all respects.

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Keystone XL Lobbying: Too Important to Fail Again

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 - by Tom Harris

Pipeline supporters must argue from strength.

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Misguided Energy Policy: Alone, Enough to Cause American Failure

Friday, May 31st, 2013 - by Tom Harris

The responses of Barbara Boxer and Sheldon Whitehouse to the deadly tornado strike portend more disaster.

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Changing the Narrative on Alberta’s Oil Sands

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 - by Tom Harris

Canada's government wants the Keystone pipeline, but won't confront the activists.

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Actually, Global Warming Was in Presidential Debates

Friday, October 26th, 2012 - by Tom Harris

Discussion of “clean” or “green” energy is climate policy by stealth.

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Uncritically, Media Accepts Misleading Global Warming Poll

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 - by Tom Harris

The survey’s clear biases render the results meaningless.

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Science Fiction: ‘Climate Vulnerability Monitor Report’ Released

Saturday, September 29th, 2012 - by Tom Harris

This irresponsible report does not belong anywhere near policy planners.

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Avoiding Another Kyoto Commitment

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 - by Tom Harris

A study says government leads public opinion on anthropogenic climate change.

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Climate Change: Why Do the Facts Fail to Convince?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 - by Tom Harris

Social science research provides the key to finally ending the divisive global warming debate

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A Crash Course NATO Leaders Cannot Afford to Miss

Sunday, May 20th, 2012 - by Tom Harris

Government officials must attend climate skeptics’ conference in Chicago. (Don't miss PJ Media's live coverage of this week's 7th International Conference on Climate Change.)

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Progress: Canadian Senate Listens to Global Warming Skeptics

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 - by Tom Harris

Global warming orthodoxy gets challenged in a first-of-its-kind hearing.

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Gore’s 24 Hours of Fantasy About To Begin

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 - by Tom Harris

An effort to "expose" climate change skeptics will instead show that Gore is a charlatan.

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