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Sam Levine is the Zionist Organization of America's Executive Director of the West Coast Office. He can be reached at SLevine@ZOA.org; http://zoa.org/
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Speaking Volumes: AIPAC Silent on … Chuck Hagel?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 - by Sam Levine

AIPAC believes Obama is petty and unprincipled, enough to lash out at Israel due to pushback on Hagel.

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Glenn Beck’s Strong Support of Israel

Saturday, June 25th, 2011 - by Sam Levine

Beck is not only on the right side of history, defending the lone democracy in a sea of despotism, he is also helping ensure the survival of Judaism.

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Will the Tea Party Back Israel?

Friday, May 27th, 2011 - by Sam Levine

At AIPAC, tea partiers and Christians stand together.

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