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In addition to writing for PJ Tatler and PJ Lifestyle, Paula also writes for Ohio Conservative Review,. She is co-author of a new Ebook called, Homeschooling: Fighting for My Children’s Future. Paula describes herself as a Christian first, conservative second, and Republican third. She is also a member of the Wayne County Ohio Executive Committee.
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Is Ohio Governor John Kasich the Chris Christie of the Midwest?

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 - by Paula Bolyard

What to make of a Tea Party-backed candidate caught canoodling with President Obama?

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Ohio Post-Mortem: Glitz, Gimmicks, Sleight-of-Hand, and Witnessing Fraud

Friday, November 9th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

Obama would not have won without the under-30 demographic.

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Ohio: Somali Voters, ACORN Tactics, and Voter Fraud Allegations

Sunday, November 4th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

There is no proof of citizenship required to vote in the Buckeye State...

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Does Obama Have the Stronger Ground Game in Ohio?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

Romney has 40 campaign offices in the crucial swing state, a third of the president's 120. But it's not quite that simple... Also read: Are PA and MN Slipping Away from Obama?

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Soup Kitchen Donors Demagoguing Paul Ryan’s Visit

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

Why would anyone threaten to stop funding food for the homeless because of a Paul Ryan campaign stop?

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Will We See a Florida Recount Rematch in Ohio?

Monday, October 15th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

We can be certain of one thing: if the election is close, the real winners will be the lawyers. Also read: Former Ohio Governor Quotes Bible in Romney Opposition

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Ohio Poll Analyst: Voter Turnout Modeling Predicts Big Ohio Trouble for Obama

Friday, October 5th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

Conventional wisdom turned upside down: massive drops in registered Democrats and independents in Cuyahoga County will be tough for the president to overcome.

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It’s the Gas Prices, Stupid

Friday, September 28th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

Team Romney needs to get out of the coal weeds and stay focused on the issue that really matters to Ohio voters.

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Sherrod Brown Doubles Down on His Godwin’s Law Campaign Strategy

Friday, September 21st, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

The Democrat senator isn't backing off from his "Big Lie" hit on Jewish Republican and Iraq War veteran Josh Mandel.

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How to Commit Voter Fraud in Ohio

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

The Buckeye State: where a utility bill counts as acceptable ID.

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Judge Discards Ohio Military Voting Privileges, Imposes Weekend Voting

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 - by Paula Bolyard

He rules that military members are not entitled to greater voting accommodations.

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