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N. M. Guariglia writes on foreign policy. He can be contacted at nmguar@gmail.com.
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What American Exceptionalism Actually Means

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 - by N.M. Guariglia

A response to Justice Ginsburg on positive rights and the Constitution.

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SOPA, Security, and the Singularity

Monday, January 30th, 2012 - by N.M. Guariglia

Why this will be the most consequential century in the history of life on Earth.

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Four Reasons To Overthrow Iran’s Mullahs in 2012

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 - by N.M. Guariglia

No other issue presents a greater cost-benefit ratio.

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With Daniels Out, GOP’s Best Bet Is …

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

You go to war with the candidate you have.

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Did Pakistan Know About the OBL Raid?

Saturday, May 7th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

Walking through the wilderness of mirrors.

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Obama, Osama, and What’s Next In Pakistan

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

When it comes to Islamabad, it's time to take off the kid gloves.

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Lobbying for Libya’s Mad Dog

Monday, April 4th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

Does the government care if American firms violated American law?

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Stumbling into the Libyan War

Monday, March 21st, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

We again find ourselves at war with a Middle Eastern dictator. And you may ask yourself, how did we get here? (More from Richard Perle: "Losing Libya VI.")

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Collectivism and the GAO Report

Thursday, March 17th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

Collectivism is accomplished behind the politician’s curtain, in the appendixes of contracts nobody reads, comprised of legalese nobody understands.

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Addressing Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy

Saturday, March 12th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

The entire apparatus of U.S.-Muslim dialogue is controlled by our enemies.

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What Rumsfeld Got Right

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

We probably shouldn’t have occupied Iraq in the first place.

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Quantum Computing and Counterintelligence

Sunday, February 13th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

This century, less will be more for the CIA.

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Remembering the Iran-Al-Qaeda Link

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 - by N.M. Guariglia

The connection that Western intelligence agencies fear to make.

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Manhattan Skyline to Change Dramatically This Decade

Friday, December 10th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

A perfect reflection of America's character, Manhattan will be displaying many new skyscrapers in the coming years.

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Putting Iraq’s Political Turmoil in Context

Friday, November 12th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

For all the mess in Iraq’s politics, it is the only state in the region that gets to have such messiness and politicking.

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Thinking the Unthinkable: The Islamists’ Manhattan Project

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

The frightening reality is that international institutions like the UN simply aren't set up to prevent a nuclear attack on an American city.

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Did We Really Overreact to 9/11?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

A response to Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek.

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The President Should Declare Victory in Iraq

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Barack Obama should go to Baghdad at the end of this month and state that the seven-year conflict to free Iraq from tyranny has been won.

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How About a Daniels-Ryan GOP Ticket in 2012?

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Daniels, the anti-Obama, and Ryan, the cerebral ideas man, would be an unbeatable combination in 2012.

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Safety or Privacy: New Technology Will Make Us Choose

Friday, May 7th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Should we allow the government to use our cell phones to track potential dirty bombers?

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Longing for the Return of ‘Silent Cal’

Monday, April 26th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Obama would do well to model his public personae on the reticent and restrained nature of Calvin Coolidge.

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Why Does the American Left Fear the Rise of India?

Saturday, February 27th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Our Asian ally is a kindred spirit.

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On Negotiating with the Taliban

Saturday, February 6th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Luring fighters out of the group? Good. Bringing the Taliban back into the mainstream? Not so good.

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Let’s Not Be Race Hucksters Like the Dems

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

By harping on Harry Reid's racial insensitivity, Republicans only legitimize the left's PC-centric game plan.

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The Ethics of Profiling

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 - by N.M. Guariglia

Terrorists are usually Muslim. Let’s recognize that and act on it.

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