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Avoiding the Clutches of Obama Derangement Syndrome

Sunday, November 9th, 2008 - by Neo-Neocon

Advice for critics of the president-elect when they feel themselves sliding towards irrational rage.

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And the Winner Is… Joe the Plumber

Thursday, October 16th, 2008 - by Neo-Neocon

It took Joe Wurzelbacher to bring some passion to the race.

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Sarah ‘Barracuda’ Clutch Under Pressure

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 - by Neo-Neocon

Palin's debate performance proved yet again that she is able to raise the level of her game when it matters most.

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Is Obama Buckling Under Pressure?

Friday, September 12th, 2008 - by Neo-Neocon

The presidential race is a marathon — and stamina is becoming an issue.

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Why PUMAs Can’t Just ‘Get Over It’

Thursday, August 28th, 2008 - by Neo-Neocon

It's not the fact that Hillary lost — it's how she lost.

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Does Bill Harbor Ill Will Towards Hill?

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 - by Neo-Neocon

Bill Clinton has slipped up several times during the campaign, hurting his wife's chances for the nomination. Was it deliberate? Or merely hubris?

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Finessing The Surge

Monday, August 27th, 2007 - by Neo-Neocon

Some Democrats are scrambling to re-position themselves on the surge in Iraq, and Neo-Neocon is watching them while pondering the contrast with another war and another ending.

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ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?: Suicide, Homicide, Terrorism and Romanticism

Friday, February 2nd, 2007 - by Neo-Neocon

akaboom.jpg Romanticism has found a cozy home on the Left. Toss in a soupcon of "sympathetic vibration with the anger of the suicide/homicide bomber," and disaster follows. It's all part of a long tradition whose end is in sight. by Neo-NeoCon

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