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Kim Zigfeld

Kim Zigfeld is a New York City-based writer who publishes her own Russia specialty blog, La Russophobe. She also writes about Russia for the American Thinker and for Russia! magazine and is researching a book on the rise of dictatorship in Putin’s Russia.
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Chechnya Burns, Putin Kills, but Obama Talks Treaty

Saturday, December 4th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

As more neo-Soviet horrors are revealed to the public, it's time to call U.S. policy towards Russia its proper name: appeasement.

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Yet Another Anti-Putin Journalist Brutally Beaten

Saturday, November 20th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Oleg Kashin is the latest victim of Putin's brutality, as Washington cravenly sticks to its "reset" policy.

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Capitulation: Obama Admin Mum as Russia Squeezes Opposition Press

Friday, October 29th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Leading independent paper Novaya Gazeta is on the ropes and Russian internet media is next, but Obama would prefer to keep up appearances.

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Putin Steps Up Crackdown on Opposition Press

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Amidst office raids, he threatens to "crack the skulls" of protesters who assemble without police permission.

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It’s Springtime for Stalin at Emmy-Nominated Russia Today

Sunday, August 29th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Russia Today thinks of Stalin as a romantic poet, and terminates reporters who won’t toe the Kremlin’s party line, but that hasn't stopped the TV network from being nominated for an Emmy Award.

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Why Is Accounting Firm KPMG Funding Putin’s Version of Hitler Youth?

Friday, August 20th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

The firm's Russia website proclaims financial support for Putin's virulently racist youth group.

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American PR Firm Helping Putin Bamboozle Hapless Investors in Russia

Thursday, July 29th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

The new website "Modern Russia" was created by the same outfit that bribed Armstrong Williams to propagandize for the Bush administration. It now seeks to corral naive investors for Putin's Russia.

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Putin Thumbing His Nose at U.S. Efforts to Stop Iran’s Nukes

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Last week, the foreign policy architecture of the United States collapsed in truly spectacular fashion.

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How’s That ‘Reset’ with Russia Going? Disastrously, of Course

Saturday, June 12th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Obama's "appearances are everything" approach has done nothing less than allow the possible rebirth of the Cold War.

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How Bad Is Obama’s Foreign Policy? Let Us Count the Ways

Friday, May 21st, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

A quick overview of the president's gaffe-prone, inexplicably weak, and dangerously naive foreign policy.

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Diluting U.S. Power: Obama to Expand G-8 … by 12 Countries?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Obama makes the Russia-friendly announcement amidst heaping praise on Russian president Dmitri Medvedev.

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Moscow Subway Bombings Show That the Caucasus Region Is Still Seething

Monday, March 29th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Despite Putin's claims to the contrary, the Muslim separatists show no sign of giving in to the authorities who are engaged in a bloody crackdown on civilians in the region.

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U.S. Troops to March in Red Square Parade

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Next stop for U.S. troops? Maybe a similar parade in Tehran?

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Putin vs. Khodorkovsky: The Courtroom as Battlefield

Saturday, March 13th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Two armies are gathered, fighting two simultaneous battles, one in Strasbourg and one in Moscow. The soldiers are lawyers, and the result of their combat will likely determine Russia’s future.

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When Kozlovsky Met Barry (and Sigourney)

Saturday, February 27th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

A blogging thorn in Putin's side, Oleg Kozlovsky meets with President Obama.

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Did Privatization in Russia Lead to a Higher Mortality Rate?

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

One flawed, debunked study that was disseminated by the New York Times tries to make that point while ignoring the fact that Putin's Russia is a demographic basket case.

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Obama’s Failed Russia Policy

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

Is Obama engaged in a concerted effort to dismantle American power?

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Obama’s Unilateral Concession Emboldens Putin

Friday, January 1st, 2010 - by Kim Zigfeld

The Russian dictator has become more aggressive since the president caved in to his demands on missile defense for Eastern Europe.

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Putin’s Pal on the French Right Wing

Saturday, December 5th, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

Business mogul, newspaper owner, and French senator Serge Dassault pulls out all the stops for the Russian dictator.

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Putin Murders Another Lawyer

Saturday, November 21st, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

Sergei Magnitsky, lawyer for a former Putin ally who challenged the regime's corruption, dies in prison after being tortured.

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Russia Plays Nuclear ‘War Games’ with Poland

Friday, November 6th, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

More fallout from Obama's abandonment of Eastern Europe, as Russia stages a mock invasion of its now defenseless neighbor.

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Another Nail in the Coffin of Russian Democracy

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

Voter fraud in the local elections of October 11 was outrageous — even by Putin's standards.

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Obama Warms to Medvedev, Ignores Pleas of Russia’s Terrorized Blacks

Monday, October 12th, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

The president's utter disregard — or ignorance — of Russia's murderous racism.

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Where in the World Is Alexander Podrabinek? Hopefully, Putin Doesn’t Know

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

The Kremlin critic is in fear for his life, hiding from Putin's stooges who have targeted him.

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Wary of an Israeli Attack, Putin Arms Iran

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 - by Kim Zigfeld

Putin sells missiles to the Iranians, who worry that Israel may soon strike their nuclear sites.

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