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A Tale as Old as Time

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

Juliette Turner


June 27, 2014 - 12:00 am
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Where there is government there is scandal. It’s inevitable. Although it may seem that every new day brings an unprecedented amount of scandal, unresolved government corruption, or backroom deals, really nothing has changed. Since the founding of our nation, the American form of government has served as a beacon for freedom and integrity. Despite this, we have not been impervious to individuals who have bent rules and bypassed regulations while attempting to promote themselves or their cause.

In the light of the IRS scandal and the hearings currently taking place in Congress, it is easy for one to become discouraged by thinking that government corruption is at all-time highs and our country is irreversibly damaged. However, through my recent studies of the presidents while researching for my new book  Our Presidents Rock, I have found that scandals have plagued the presidency and our government for centuries — literally.

Beginning with Thomas Jefferson. I mean, talk about documents “magically disappearing” from … well, it was a desk back then and not a desktop. Jefferson’s actions were definitely for partisan purposes. Right before President John Adams left office, he hurried to appoint as many Federalists to federally appointed positions as possible (in hopes of balancing out his successor’s Democrat-Republican beliefs). But not all the appointments were mailed before his leave of office, resulting in a stack of appointments remaining in the “outbox” on his successor’s desk. When Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison stumbled over these sealed and stamped envelopes, they decided it was in the best interest of their partisan plan to not mail them. Hence their disappearance. The forthcoming Supreme Court Case, Marbury v. Madison, led to Chief Justice John Marshall’s (ironically, Jefferson’s cousin and arch-rival) landmark decision of constitutional review. And we think that disappearing emails/letters is a modern-day occurrence. If only.

However, many will argue that today’s scandal is different: there is no proof yet that the president was involved; this is just a case of a wayward and unrestrained government agency. At this, Ulysses S. Grant would roll over in his grave.

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Oh well that's all right then.

The scandals of this Obama Administration are nothng of concern. Inherent in the seed, the genetic anlage, the DNA of this America.

Scandals of which citizens are informed by an infamously on-side with the putative "liberal - progressive" band of brothers information Media.

Safe therefore to assume these the "tip" of what's on the ocean seas for the Ship of State under command of BH Obama and crew. Who have as far as is known never commanded even a sailboat .

Not exceptional. Out of proportion. Hysterical reaction to habitual behaviours.

Not effects of the deliberate, the promised, intention of Obama and Friends to fulfill the "Dreams From the Fathers" - which fathers these? - for the "fundamental transformation of the nation".

Which BH Obama while campaigning for "Command" volunteered he "is ashamed of the country".

One means not at all a scandal as things go in this Country of Law, more's the scandal, is his use of the Justice Department, the ACCOUNTABILITY Ofice for "PAYBACK", i.e. REVENGE against undesignated targets. Throw a dart and wherever it lands?

An unimportant sign of dangers in the depths. The iceberg in wait for the Ship?

No worries. This is a New, modern and fully functional ship that can withstand any assault on its fundamental structure. Whetiher on the ocean seas or by the deliberate navigating the Ship onto the shoals.

30 weeks ago
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IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman met with the White House 157 times during the scandal period. Of course the President knew what was going on. He sanctioned it. The reason good men will do nothing is because the media refuses to tell them about it.
30 weeks ago
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The re election of Obama should be voided if it can be proved that willful suppression of the Republican vote by using the power of the IRS to harass Conservative groups in the months prior to the November was orchestrated from within the Obama White House. I don't imagine it will
Ever be proven. The resulting scandal and requisite
Impeachment would create national chaos, racial violence, and
A constitutional crisis of the 1st degree.
To save this Nation from descent into this black hole
Of unprecedented confusion and conflict, a patriotic
National leader would step down from the presidency for the
Good of Americans. Many suspect that This president, Mr.
Obama doesn't consider himself so much an American patriot as a a self-anointed World patriot. If he doesn't step down
Willingly, he must be asked to do so. Increasingly even
Democratic voters and politicians are coming to realize the
Extent to which Obama has overreached and breached
The Constitutional laws to which he was sworn to uphold.
Step down mr. Obama.
30 weeks ago
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What would be interesting is a concurrent history of the role of media in each of the examples cited. Has the media always acted as operatives in support of one party?
30 weeks ago
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