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August 3, 2013 - 10:27 pm

Bill Whittle wants you to guess who just said that Sarah Palin was right — that there are essentially bureaucratic death panels overseeing ObamaCare. Hint: it’s a well-known Democrat. Click here to watch Bill’s latest Afterburner on PJTV; an embeddable YouTube version is also available.


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If this was about health insurance they could have cut a yearly check to Blue Cross/Blue Shield for every man, woman and child in the nation for less money and trouble. This is about something else entirely. The icing on the cake is giving enforcement duties to the IRS.
1 year ago
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Whittle is a national treasure. This is a marvelous video. Perfect in all respects.
Mr. Whittle, I think I love you.
1 year ago
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There's more. Far more. And very important more.

Those who "had to pass the bill to know what's in it " with brownshirt tactics for mystery man BH Obama are more complacent than We The People about this bill and its effects.

Effects as they become ever more apparent even more disquieting than those emphasised by Sarah Palin and her like.

And they're leaking nothing. On pain of retribution?

Death panels? What else?

Ask yourselves What kind of Bill needs more than 2000 pages to "explain" and "organise" the need? WHY so many pages? More than 60 times - SIXTY PLUS TIMES - as many pages as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution with commentary put together.

WHAT CAN BE and IS contained within those 2000 pages - 2000 pages that the "representatives of the People" did not read - did they even have it read to them? - before enacting into law imposed on Americans?

AND from which requirements and penalties these "representatives" EXEMPTED themselves, their favoured groups and agents in the bureaucracies? As their Special Affirmative Action?

AND the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court cast the Deciding vote as Constitutional? The same Chief Justice who administered in full view of the world the Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of th USA to this mystery man - mysterious provenance - BH Obama.

Representatives of the People in this "government of by and for the People" are now doing their utmost to institutionalise this Bill in perpetuity. Thus avoiding their clear duty to REPEAL the whole nine yards.

Remember the stage managers of the show the Chair of the DNC that "certified" BH Obama as "eligible" as nominee for POTUS, omitting the qualifying "legally eligible" was Nancy Pelosi. With a second from Hillary Clinton now presumptive heir to their mystery man BH Obama for their "Democratic" PARTY.

Reemember Nancy Pelosi 's publicly vow for revenge against those Amerians - her astro-turf - dubbed by her second Hillary Clinton as "that vast right-wing conspiracy" at the loss of the Millenium election for their PARTY.

And remember Nancy Pelosi's march, gavel raised high, down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington after passage using patently gangster tactics of the PPACA aka Obama out of Hillary Care, as if in Roman Triumph?

Then draw conclusions that put you definitely in the camp of their disdained, dismissed, ridiculous "conspiracy theorists"
1 year ago
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