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August 28, 2014 - 11:48 pm

If bad/worse things happen, will Obama be able to handle it, or will he simply check out? In one of his harshest criticisms yet, Bill Whittle illustrates his concern.

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All Comments   (2)
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Adsense needs to learn context. The video player was popping up golf lesson ads.

If 'golf' and NOT Obozo, display golf ad. Else, display HRC book ad.
25 weeks ago
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For the Obomination golfing isn't the problem. Most Presidents golf. The Obumbler a little more then most but have you seen his slice? He NEEDS all the practice he can get.
No, the real issue here is one of diplomacy. There is nothing new in diplomacy. Over the last few thousand years pretty much every plan has been invented and a counter plan worked out. The challenge for diplomats is to discover the enemies plans in time to apply the proper counter plan.
For that you need intelligence. As in information, spying. America has a large intelligence bureaucracy that normally does an adequate job of discovering secrets. Unfortunately, they have all been involved in the full time search for Hillery's accomplishments. So the foreign surprises will continue.
A tip 'o the hat to dbd.
26 weeks ago
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