The constant liberal drumbeat throughout the election season told Americans how badly President Bush screwed up the country. It was so bad, the leftists told us, that not even their messiah, President Obama, could get us out. Liberals do love to rewrite history, don’t they? But you may be familiar with an old axiom that says history is written by the victor. And while the conservative victory isn’t complete, by virtue of the fact that we’re saddled with Mr. Obama for another two years, conservatives have won a key battle in stopping a leftist progressive agenda implemented by this president and his cronies. All the high-profile Republicans like Rubio, Paul, and Boehner acknowledged that the election victories were not a sign that America suddenly loves Republicans. They all recognized that America’s vote was a rejection of President Obama, and Republicans now have to prove worthy of the second chance they’ve been given. Still, after huge election victories, America can finally begin to wake from the national nightmare that liberals have imposed on us. We can again dream of leaving a prosperous America to our children. We can once again start to smell the return of individual freedom. Ronald Reagan once said that freedom was like the air we breathe. If it’s denied us, even for a second, we begin to realize how important it is to us. With the election of a Congress to stop the radical-in-chief, the nation can at least exhale with some confidence that their next breath isn’t that far off.

To all the socialists and left-wing apologists out there who insist our current economic crisis is all Bush’s fault, I’d like to remind you of a few things. When President Bush took office, he too was handed a recession from Bill Clinton. Then there was that little thing called the 9-11 terrorist attacks. After those enormous hits to our country, President Bush had a choice. He could adopt pro-growth tax policies and let our capitalist system work. Or he could raise taxes, or leave the Clinton tax increases in place. He chose option one. And then America did what she’s always done: got to work. The private sector added millions of jobs, and revenue increased to the federal treasury, as it always does when taxes are cut. In short, America prospered. In fact, the highest the unemployment rate got under Bush was 5.99 percent. He ended his two terms with a 5.76% unemployment rate. Though Bush deserves some criticism for not coupling tax cuts with significant spending cuts, everyone seems to forget who controlled the purse strings for the last two years of the Bush presidency. That’s right, Democrats controlled the legislative branch and set the stage for the anointed one.

Enter President Obama. He had a choice too. He could have instituted pro-growth policies or “fundamentally change America.” He chose option two. Since Obama took office, America has lost over three million jobs. Our unemployment rate sits at 9.7%.  Real unemployment, which includes part-time workers and those who have just stopped looking, sits at 17%.  But take heart liberals: there was increased hiring of government workers. That’s important because Mr. Obama had to make sure his public employee union buddies had plenty of taxpayer dollars to fund his 2012 campaign.  Our debt has sky-rocketed. Every child born in America comes into this world over $42,000 in debt. Employers won’t hire because of the uncertainty that comes with ObamaCare. They also fear future unknown burdens on the productive members of our society from a White House that is oppressive but creative in how they implement that oppression. (Could they really get away with an oppression czar?)