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Abbas Abandons Palestinian Prisoners—and the Peace Process

The Palestinian president chooses to seek recognition at the UN rather than talk to Israel.

Joseph Raskas


April 12, 2014 - 10:53 pm
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In rejecting Kerry’s framework, Abbas has not only made a genuine peace agreement impossible, he has also turned his back on twenty-six Palestinian prisoners, a clear breach of the most basic position underpinning his agenda for the peace talks.

Abandonment is a difficult wound to heal. It instills feelings of hurt, neglect, and toxic shame. Even for a person with boundless courage and moral fiber — like Russian Refusnik, Natan Sharansky, who endured unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Soviet Union — it can be difficult to fully forget the deep disappointment of longing failure.

Terrorists  have rejected all ethical standards. Palestinian terrorists have kidnapped, lynched, and murdered Israeli soldiers. They have ambushed, maimed, and slaughtered unarmed Israeli and Arab civilians. They have also jailed, tortured, and executed suspected collaborators.

The Arabs have long memories. One wonders whether some of the prisoners Abbas consigned to further imprisonment will have a particularly tough time restraining their resentment toward him for abandoning them.

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Mr. Raskas served in the Israel Defense Forces. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management.

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Another Palestinian leader opts for endless war, terror and misery for his people, all because he's a petty little bigot, tyrant and wants the destruction of Israel..

in other words, same old same old in the Arab world, where hatred is the coin of the realm.

How they get any sympathy when they continuously chose war over peace, chose hate over common sense... is a tribute to the antisemitism of the world's left, and it's muslim tribal thinking..

I've tried talking to an Israel hater, it's beyond pointless, according to them, Israel is worser than Nazi Germany, which shows how insane they are. They excuse every attack on Israel,, even the most base murder of civilians... there is no crime by a Palestinian they won't excuse, even when like in one case, a family of 5 was murdered in their sleep, including an infant and a toddler..

You have to just walk away, and make damned sure you oppose any policy they support. Hatred that deep has no conscience, no morality.. you can only work to contain and kill it with daylight.
45 weeks ago
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