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A Generation of Robots — What Godless Schools Create

Freedom of faith should be restored in our public schools.

Janine Turner


November 4, 2013 - 10:50 pm
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We need God back in the schools. It is of no use to educate our children, creating active, imaginative, smart minds, if we send them out into the world with no coping skills and no moral compass. We are spitting kids out of America’s school system like new cars from an assembly line — robotic, scientific empty vessels.

We are creating socially challenged generations who are discovering it is hard to cope in the cold, cruel world, not to mention during their challenging school years. Why? They need the foundation of faith – a faith of their choice — during their formative years. They deserve the freedom to discuss God at school, especially since many do not get this opportunity at home.

We are doing a great disservice to our nation’s children, and our nation in general, if we do not give our children a designated time during every school day to reflect, reason, and hear basic tenets from religions of their choice. It is through these tenets that children learn how to treat others, even those with whom they disagree, with dignity and respect, not to mention how to navigate life’s trials and tribulations.

It’s time for those of us who believe in freedom of religious discussion in schools to stand tall and take action. We are letting the social left dictate whether a few moments of soul searching — from any faith or no faith — can take place during school. For those who believe in the First Amendment – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” — it’s important to understand that our children have this right, deserve this right, and are inherently born with this right. We can reclaim this right for them.

Contrary to popular belief, the Supreme Court is not the final say on matters in our country. Just because the Supreme Court keeps making erroneous decisions about separation of church and state, such as Reynolds v United States (1879) or Everson v Board of Education (1947), based not on the Constitution but on a wildly misinterpreted letter of Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, it doesn’t mean it cannot be addressed again through the legislative branch.

Let’s break that down for a moment. We should not make judicial decisions in our country based on random letters of founding fathers or founding presidents or any president. That was never our founders’ intent, nor should it be ours. Our founding fathers did not want one man’s opinion dictating the rights of Americans. They considered this to be tyranny. That’s why our founders wrote a specific, enumerated Constitution — the first of its kind. They wanted specificity. Our judges are sworn to make judicial decisions based on our United States Constitution, not on handwritten personal letters or social trends (even Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t have wanted this).

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Exactly which faith requires its adherents to congregate for minutes in the middle of the day like that?
If the answer is none, then how can not assigning such a period in any way impair the free exercise of religion?
And of course is the assigned time is mandatory then attendance is not voluntary.
Further, exactly what will these children be able to discuss with each other?

You have way too many stretches and random leaps in that for it to stand on its own merits, and instead it becomes precisely what the 1st Amendment prohibits - using the power of government to force religion, or the lack of it, onto people.
If you need your child to discuss religion - be it theism or atheism - for 15 minutes every day, then take them to your local church or whatever for lessons, or arrange religious play dates with appropriate neighbors. Do not try and use government to take money from people and force them to submit their children to some study groups under the guise of "protecting" their "religious freedom". We need such "protection" about as much as we need Obamacare "protecting" us from "substandard" health insurance plans.
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Sorry Janine, but you are climbing up the wrong tree here. The progressive movement effectively took over government schooling in the 1930s. They took over small but significant pieces (like History Text books) far earlier than that.

Removing prayer from public schooling was the culmination of progressive control, not the start of it. At this point, the ideas behind public schooling are so entrenched in the progressive belief system, that your only hope is to allow people to escape through vouchers, home schooling or somewhat less effectively - charters.

Such a strategy would be far more effective than fighting such wars as abortion, gay marriage or any of the other social values issues. Such issues are the result of 5 generations of progressive government schooling. They will go away only after schooling is returned to the private sector - one generation after actually. Trying to fix public schooling from the top down or from within is a waste of your (and mine) time left here on earth.
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Excellent point on how progressive school officials entrenched their system well before prayer was barred. To extend your argument, the progressive movement succeeded in overhauling the American education system, getting everything it wanted, and proved what its theories result in – utter failure no matter how the American education system is assessed.
Quickest solution would be to find countries with educational systems which work, and then ask Americans if they want to overhaul education to mirror one of those. I have no idea what other educational systems look like. I only know ours. If Americans agree ours produces failure, it would be nice to see some which actually produce well-educated students.
Of course that would mean education officials drilled in progressive theory would have to learn a new system. I assume they would be resistant.
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Upon looking back in time we see
the founding fathers proud and free
the winners of war and Liberty

Being the product of their reserve
their Legacy we try to preserve

Sir, I'm not from your time and don't understand
I have no reserve to even try to preserve
the Legacy that you left this land

How do we preserve without a stand ?

OH GOD of heaven , what have we done ?
Franklin warned the Republic would be un-won
if the Christian Faith was left unspun

Sir, Mr. Franklin what do we do ?
to restore the Republic before we are FEW

Liberty arises as a blessing from God
Purchased as a tide with the fear of the Lord
Fear of he Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom
Followed by understanding which leads to the Kingdom
Seek YE the kingdom of God first
and LIBERTY shall arrive to fill your thirst
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Well done. As one who sometimes writes lyrics, I can attest that trying to rhyme lines back to back to back is extremely difficult. The English language simply does not provide many rhyming options for any given word. You make it look effortless.
Plus you weave in a wonderful story.
Amazing work you did here.
I wish she would see it and ask to use it.
1 year ago
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You want Gods attention and help in healing the Land , first read Deuteronomy chapter 28 , let the young people repent of evil doings let them observe the 7 holy days of God and let them delight in Gods festivals and feast days , let prayer back in schools and the 10 Commandment back on the walls, what good would it be to make millions of dollars when the dollar is about to be made worthless
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I still like the idea of people assembling in prayer to first ask He provide a solution, and then pray protection on those who try to implement His solution. The second part came from posting to you. Satan will not lightly relinquish indoctrinating American youth to do his will. Those who try to move against it per His lead will likely face great opposition. Makes sense to have people praying protection over them.
That said, you correctly cite Deut 28,, and hope that American youth could turn to God. I am reading it now … it says if Israel (which America could mimic) turned to Him, He would bless Israel including with prosperity, and triumph over attacking enemies. The blessings are promised if Israel keeps His commandments and walks in His ways.
I am here to try and reach JT so she will say our soldiers are not ignored, so verse 10 is very intriguing. Thank you for leading me to it. It says if Israel does verse 9 about keeping His commandments and walking in His way, then “all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the LORD; and they shall be afraid of thee”. America could certainly use that during war.
So based on 10, if America can secure some of what was promised to Israel by mimicking what it could do, then the more Americans who obey Him during war, the more the enemy should fear America. We have had the opposite. We have been led to turn from Him during this War. The enemy jubilantly and relentlessly keeps attacking us. America is mocked by the enemy and its supporters in this War.
Deut 28 then returns to promises of prosperity blessings.
Then in 15 He flips and warns of curses against Israel if it did not hearken to His voice, and obey His commandments and statutes.
Thank you again for pointing out Deut 28. This chapter is loaded regarding how He will bless or curse Israel, and presumably another nation which obeys or turns against Him.
The curses are no prosperity, and then in 20 destruction including by disease, war, and weather. 28 throws in mental disease. Then comes theft. Then 36 says they will be sent to another nation to be ruled over.
What is shocking is how much more He devotes to promised cursing than promised blessing in Deut 28.
47 and 48 say if Israel does not serve Him gladly and with joy, it will serve enemies instead. If that is how He treats other nations as well, America is in trouble. 49 says He will bring the enemy against Israel to do this.
I am puzzled. I am referring to a downloaded KJV text, and suddenly at 58 I notice the word “Lord” is being put in all capital letters. I need to check my print version … I missed in my print version that “Lord” is always capitalized completely, since the print is reduced in height. But in my print version, 58’s “THE LORD THY GOD” uses huge letters. I never noticed that before. So here is the full verse with the massive all capital letters referring to Him: [58] If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, THE LORD THY GOD;
You wrote in your prior post “wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord,” and I agree. Now Deut 28 after reciting a horrifying list of curses He is ready to apply to Israel, emphasizes boldly His name is to be feared.
Then with 59 on it is back with promised disease curses.
Then comes famous 64 where He promised to scatter the Jews around the world. I didn’t know about 65, where He promised the scattered Jews would incur “a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind”. He adds in 66 that they would fear for their lives.

So Deut 28 which you wisely pointed out here starts with blesses for Israel, and then loads up with curses, if the Jews there would not obey Him. Presumably He is ready to do the same to other nations. If so, current America looks grim.
The key for me regarding helping soldiers is verse 10. Thank you for leading me to it today.
If prayer says post this, I will.
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I put a couple of comments on this thread, yesterday, that were not merely pulled but got me a temporary global banning. I challenge whoever it was that pulled them to put them back up and explain just exactly what it was that crossed the line.

Hey, the only book you can't read in public schools is the Bible -- unless you are teaching that it is untrue.
1 year ago
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Thank you for confirming here that PJM will censor posts. I am sorry you went through it. But I thank you for confirming PJM does this.
I came here trying to reach JT since 5 of 6 of my posts to her website were barred before they were posted. Until yesterday or the day before when one from October 20 was allowed up.
Please understand I tried since October, 2011 to get her people to ask her to support our soldiers in this War. Only recently did she email supporters they should post on her website. That didn’t work for me, not when I asked she back our soldiers.
Recently JT began emailing supporters asking they read her columns here. If she checks just one of these comments I am making to her columns here, I should get past her staff for our soldiers’ sake. Assuming she does not agree with the staffers censoring me.
So thank you for confirming that PJM does stop comments, since it proves I owe it for letting me plead our soldiers not be ignored since it encourages the enemy soldiers fighting them.
Again, I am sorry you have been punished. Thank you for being punished here where I can see it.
And thank you PJM for your leniency to date toward me. I post trying hard not to lose it. I just want to help our soldiers.
If prayer says post this, I will.
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People in 1775 spend as much time reading the bible as young people today spend texting messages or playing with their video games , reading the Bible has as one of its fruits WISDOM , Wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord , once you get wisdom you attain understanding and with understanding you can solve any problem ,, what do we get from texting , well a broken language for one , how they manage to mangle a word by cutting down on the letters to spell it mystifies me , if Lanza spent as much time with the Bible as he did with video games and porn we would have ended up with a saint instead of a tragedy , The Founding Fathers had only one religion and it was Christianity , different forms of it but just one Faith. We are not going to repair anything till we repair our relationship with God , , Read the 4 blood moons and the Harbinger
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Would you agree that to get many Americans to repair their relationship with God, Americans could jointly pray He advise how to undo His being barred and reviled in American schools? I just need someone Americans can go to who can designate when that prayer should be raised each day, preferably once in the morning, and once at night. JT can easily facilitate that. Presumably, He could easily lead her and others involved how to proceed.
I will pray on posting this, but what I just got (I need to confirm) is that if Americans should first have that prayer fortress established. Then if He pours out insights on how to counter Satan’s grip on American schools, those given the insights can be protected by that same prayer network. So if this is correct, the prayer network is set up first to receive the insights from Him, but also to immediately protect those He bestows the insights on. If Satan sees part of his empire threatened, he will try to stop what is threatening it. It would be hard for him to silence people following His lead if they are protected by many praying they succeed.
If prayer says post this, I will.
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are all of there poor, mindless, "robotic" children orphans ? don't they have a home life ? parents ? access to churches/synagogues/temples/whatever ? this article is pure nonsense from somebody who wants to impose her version of religion on everybody...whether they want it or not.
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I began posting here knowing your website staff cannot stop me. Only PJM can censor me here, which PJM kindly has not done. I keep opening my posts here with the fact only one of my posts to your website made it. Now I see yesterday or today the third of three I sent October 20 was posted. The first two are still blocked, but the least controversial one made it up, along with another gentleman’s.

So I desperately want to give you something here which will prompt you to let conservatives post to your website. You want 15 minutes daily for students to talk of the god of their choice, presumably hoping some will go to Him. I’m afraid parents will not allow it, for fear their children will explore a religion those parents oppose.

I want to earn your favor so you will overrule your website staff and help our soldiers. First, why did Americans, until the Supreme Court interfered, allow schools to teach Christianity and use it in textbooks? I could be wrong, but I conclude it was because Americans died in droves from disease until improved health care started saving them during the last century. Americans were surrounded by the constant threat of death. That threat would drive them to accept schools teaching Christianity because many of them were no doubt constantly praying for fear of disease.

That threat of disease is now greatly diminished. So Americans have less reason to desperately pray for His intervention. I cannot see modern, non-praying Americans letting their kids explore religion at school.

I offer this – if you set aside a time for your supporters (fans) to pray for Him to offer a solution to His being barred from school, I will gladly join that prayer. I would just need a morning time and evening time designated to raise a three minute prayer while others do the same. He should then give you a solution, maybe reinforcing your 15 minute daily smorgasbord. Satan holds fast to his gains in barring Him from kids and in tormenting religious students. He will not give this up lightly. Some of his greatest servants are ensconced in the NEA assuring he can indoctrinate American youth toward his will. The fact Satan crushed the intelligent design theory to the point of having it literally barred from school shows how strongly he wants to guide youth away from Him. If you want to try and break Satan’s hold on American school kids, I urge you to use joint prayer to seek His way to do so.
If prayer says post this, I will.
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You need to go back on your meds.
1 year ago
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Luke 6:22
You won’t stop me from helping raise prayer for American students, if JT enables it.
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We don't need religion in our government schools, but we do need anti-religion and anti-tradition out of them. Not only do the schools not teach or allow the practice of any religion, at least not Christianity, but they don't teach any history; they don't impart any culture. Kids come out of school, even out of college, not knowing ANYTHING about American and Western history, culture, and values except that it is bad and we are racists who once had slaves. The "3-Rs" are Racisim, Recycling, and Reproduction.

For about the last ten years of my career my subordinates were all between their late 20s and their early 40s, all with college degrees and about half of them with law degrees. They were pretty much cultural illiterates. To the extent they had any literature, it had made no impression on them and literary allusions were lost on them. They knew almost nothing about history or politics. They knew nothing of great music or fine arts. They knew a lot about popular culture, contemporary music, sports, beer, and sex. They know nothing about being an American except that it is the team you're supposed to cheer for in sports. They can support someone as un-American, even anti-American, as Comrade Obama because they are fundamentally un-American except to the limited extent that they might have retained rather than rejected during their school years some of what their parents might have taught them. Now, well into a third generation of parents since the schools were so "fundamentally transformed" in the late '60s and early '70s, there's little or nothing to pick up from parents.
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I prefer blogger Al Fin's dangerous child ideas.
1 year ago
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we definitely do not need religion in our schools. we need discipline and structure in the home so that we can have learning and accountability in the schools. we do not need religious wars on school turf.
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