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A ‘Europeanization’ Warning at CPAC

Panelist: “I see America making the same mistakes Britain has made over the past 15 years."

Rodrigo Sermeño


March 17, 2013 - 3:41 pm
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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – A panel of European and American lawmakers at CPAC warned those in attendance of the consequences of heading down the same road as Europe by adopting similar policies based on a strong central government, an overregulated economy, and a generous welfare state.

Members of the European Parliament Derk Jan Eppink and Vytautas Landsbergis, Vice President of the Competitive Enterprise Institute Iain Murray, and U.S. Representatives Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and Tom Price (R-Ga.) discussed on Thursday the dangers of allowing social welfare policies, bureaucratic centralization, and overregulation from taking over the set of principles that have traditionally guided the American government.

“I see America making the same mistakes Britain has made over the past 15 years,” said Murray. “America is not that far gone yet, and the fact it retains some competitive federalism in the states is a source of hope, but the regulatory Leviathan in this city threatens to swamp the American spirit.”

Murray, a native of Britain residing in the United States, provided an overview of the many policies he considers to have put Britain down the road to “Europeanization.”

“Two things happened to promote the shift from conservatism in Britain: bureaucratic centralism and the election of Tony Blair,” said Murray.

“Britain would pride itself in many of the same virtues that Americans would recognize today: a strong work ethic, a vital civil society, a respect for individual effort and tradition,” said Murray.

Both Price and Pompeo shared their views on why America is becoming more like Europe.

Pompeo told the audience that America runs the risk of making the same mistakes made in Europe, giving several examples that according to him are embodied by the idea of “the denigration of risk taking.”

“This idea that we cannot have any risk and that everyone has to be taken care from cradle to grave, and that personal accountability, and for that matter, corporate accountability is unfathomable in the country…when you reach that point bad things happen and we are certainly close,” said Pompeo.

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This administration has as its foundation not America's Founding Fathers and their hard fought, hard thought economic/social philosophical underpinnings but a Western European (yes, Marx studied philosophy in Londons libraries) system of "dialetical materialism" (whatever in the world that is)! In other words, things emanate from government, are controlled by government and exist for government. Today, all one has to do is look around to see food banks, charities, social networks feeding the poor, increased levels of misery. 7.7% (levels of unemployment-stuck there), more factories closing,yard sales, estate sales consignments and rising layoffs, then:
1) education- 25th in the world;
2) religion under daily attacks;
3)government by We The Elite People of cuture of corruption in all of Washington DC and for these very same people and lastly;
4)financial sector for the "too big to fail" crowd. 1980's LBO's are back in vogue (look at increasing stock-buy-backs, dividends, tax havens, etc.).
America is so far off track it will take one generation to right two terms of "Obamination!" This is exactly like FDR's "New Deal!" It's economic socialism, period! His administrations gave the USA 3,466 Executive Orders! And after ten years, when none of this worked, he finagled a World War to get his policies working...Truman didn't fare any better.
God Save America. Vigilence is the key. Prepare for when the time is ripe, We The People are ready to take back our beloved USofA. Tea Party and Teavangelicals unite. Pray.Amen.
1 year ago
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Risk taking is usually done by young people who possess an entrepreneureal spirit. Europe is on it's way to becoming a de-populated ghost town, especially in Western Europe. With us it will probably take another 2 generations. When all one lives for is the safety net, then there is not much to which to look forward.
1 year ago
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Britain and America have been reduced to the status of airport terminals for the Third World, and the people who built the airport baggage handlers.

Maybe when the Marseille Sultanate comes about, people will wake up.
1 year ago
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Those who propose long term plans for a return to the past are in denial of the
global economic collapse which is beginning _now_; We need a short term plan
for survival based on existing resources...and liabilities, one which provides hope
for the future, one which builds ties of trade to defeat the last resort of war.

We do not need more social engineering by tin-plated godlings with big plans
for the human race, we need an all-out effort to develop the High-Tech 21st
century manufacturing techniques which can supply the needs of humanity.

1 year ago
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