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8 Ways To Destroy Your Friendships

Doormats are like toilets: everyone wants to have one, but no one wants to be one.

Belladonna Rogers


March 28, 2012 - 12:02 am
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Dear Belladonna Rogers,

I don’t have as many guys as friends as I used to. Sure, some die and others move away, but I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ve played a part in getting where I am today. My wife and I don’t get invited places anymore. What makes people end friendships or drift apart? I know I’ve made my share of mistakes. What I’m wondering is: have I made them all?

Lonely Guy in Las Vegas

Dear Lonely Guy,

Friendships end in many ways, none of them pleasant. Other than the strains of geography or lack of any sense of commonality, friendships die when one friend reaches a boiling point, a point of no return, a point beyond which apologies and promises just don’t matter anymore.

To stay in a friendship after mistreatment that goes beyond one’s limits is to invite a tsunami of drek that even an ardent masochist would decline.

Some of us have lower boiling points than others, but under the following circumstances, almost anyone would say, “Basta! Enough!”

Note: This column concerns only friendships in your personal life, and does not apply to professional relationships in the workplace.

Here, then, are eight surefire ways to destroy friendships with your male friends. As it happens, they’ll work equally well with women. Few friendships will survive affronts such as these.

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