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6 Videos That Show the Truth About the War in Gaza

Just why are hospitals one of the battlegrounds?

P. David Hornik


August 8, 2014 - 9:50 am
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In the Gaza war, now probably winding down, when you’re not hearing that Israel is supposedly attacking a school you’re hearing that it’s supposedly attacking a hospital. What’s going on? Is Israel really a monstrously aggressive country?

Seemingly hospitals, of all institutions, should be immune from war. Hospitals are the only place where some of the harms of war, physical harms caused to individual human beings, can be remedied. Hospitals are for healing, not combat.

So what’s happening? Why do hospitals seem to be part of the fighting? A look at some recent, and less recent, scenarios from this conflict will help give an answer.

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On Friday, August 1, a Finnish reporter let the cat out of the bag, openly acknowledging something that others among the myriad reporters now swarming in Gaza have not been eager to disclose. This TV correspondent for the Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat tells her viewers that “right in the back parking lot of Shifa Hospital [in Gaza], a rocket was launched at two o’clock in the morning… the sound of it was really loud.”

A onetime event? Not at all: “It’s true,” she states, “that rockets are launched here from the Gazan side into Israel.”

In conveying that simple fact, the reporter was breaking protocol. As Algemeiner notes:

The Al Shifa Hospital, in particular, has been an area of focus after journalists reported that Hamas was using the hospital as a headquarters, but many of their reports were withdrawn, deleted on social media or actually taken off their newspaper websites because of fears for their safety and retribution from Hamas for reporting the truth.

For her part the Finnish reporter, Aishi Zidan, later complained bitterly that her story “became quickly a tool of propaganda” for people “just looking for excuses to Israeli actions in Gaza.” Well, people can use facts for whatever propaganda purposes they want. Isn’t it supposed to be the intrepid media’s job to give us the facts in the first place?

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Stupid woman pwned herself! And she is no more Finnish than my cat is...

29 weeks ago
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Just ask, why can't the innocent Palestinian civilians and children cross the border into Egypt? Seriously, La Raza tells that open, porous borders are the bees knees. How can we conjure two standards of morality once again?
29 weeks ago
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Exactly, one would think that all those diplomatic geniuses, they would have realized by now that the way to save the civilians and defeat Hamas and friends, would be to evacuate all the civilians to the Sinai, supply them with air dropped food and water, have the Egyptian military keep watch on them so they don't run away to Egypt, if they are concerned about security risk. Separate the bonafide civilians, women and children and men over 60, from the questionable ones for questioning, like the British did with the Jews evacuated from the Old City during The War of Independence in 1948(in the end they imprisoned them all in North Africa,anyway, till a ceasefire was reached.)

Problem is…guess what? Those "diplomats" don't want to defeat Hamas…they want to defeat Israel.
29 weeks ago
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The Evil genie is out of the Bottle. It all began in 1967 when the Israeli Forces reclaimed all of Jerusalem but in a moment of weakness and misguided secular-Jewish largesse decided to allow the Muslim's Al Aksa Mosque to remain undisturbed on Temple Mount. Temple Mount is a Spiritual Vortex, given to the Jewish Nation to safeguard by the Holy ONE, the Omnipotent Force of all Forces in the Universe, with strict instructions as to what is allowed and forbidden on this most Awesome and powerful Spiritual Powerplant on planet earth.
The Jewish People have no Spiritual claim to the Holy Land when they do not fulfill their 'part of the bargain', that is, their G-d given responsibility under the Covenant to serve as
Custodians of the Mount. In effect, fulfilling that singular responsibility, more than any historical claims or 'legal' titles of ownership is what gives legitimacy to the Jewish possession of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
On a deep and subconscious spiritual level this truth is felt if not understood not only by the European Union and United Nations but particularly by our half brothers in the Muslim world who have rightfully concluded the weakness and spiritual faithlessness of the Jewish Nation in spurning G-d's Will. Their fraudulent possession of Temple Mount and the Israeli Government's complicity in reinforcing of this fraud by officially forbidding any Jewish prayer or even for Jews to set foot there has caused a world-shattering metaphysical imbalance, a short-circuit so to speak.
Since 1967 the cancer of Radical Islam has metastasized world-wide, threatening every civilization with physical and spiritual destruction. The 9-11 attacks, Violent terror attacks on non-Muslims, Islamic unrest and Sharia in Europe, everywhere Islam has a presence, the dread and unspeakable menace of two nuclear armed Islamic States, Pakistan and soon Iran, just to name a very few nightmares.
Is all this a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that all three major religions hold Jerusalem as sacred ground to be fought and died for? A coincidence that Jerusalem is never mentioned in Islam's holiest book, Koran, yet thousands of times in Jewish Scripture!
The truth is that nothing can stop this Cancer from spreading. Not Armed forces, Drone assassinations, Civil laws or security checkpoints. Not even the false panacea of a 'successful' political settlement with Arab Palestinians in Judea/Samaria for 'Palestinian' Statehood there will turn the tide and return the 'Genie' to the 'bottle'. Those are nothing but band-aids on soon-to-be terminal cancer. And more and more as the nations of the world, including formerly friendly ones in European Capitols and Washington D.C. Quietly have begun to openly question the merits, even the 'legitimacy' of the Jewish State, the situation facing Israel has become dire. Far worse than Iranian nukes is this other threat. Sadly, more and more American Jews have come to question Israeli status in that region. The BDS movement grows on American University campuses, most troubling as it now includes growing numbers of young liberal Jewish students, men and women.
Militarily, politically, philosophically, morally ...Israel is becoming weakened on many fronts. It is not certain the Jewish State can survive much longer under the expanded and multifaceted front.
Unless...The Jewish Nation will do what should have been done in 1967. Remove the Al Aksa from Temple Mount. We need not destroy it, for we Jews do not destroy. We are not a vindictive people even towards our enemies. This golden-domed edifice can be disassembled brick by brick, placed on flat bed trucks, hauled overland and presented as a gift to the Hashemite King as a goodwill gesture.
We must Restore balance to the spiritual vortex of this Awesome Temple Mount as was intended by the Holy ONE. There Is No Other Way. Yes, it will be painful. The region and world will bleed with Muslim fury and world-violence. For a while. And then, the cancer will die as the Genie of Spiritual imbalance is returned to the Bottle. There Is No Other Way. And Time Is Running Out.


29 weeks ago
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The Mosque Upon the Mount

Mohammed rode the night horse, or so the Korans say
Mohammed rode the night horse to a mosque so far away
And his followers the Muslims, coming after his death, claim
That the mosque upon the Mountain is the mosque the Koran names.

Never mind the mosque upon the Mount was never even there
At the time Mohammed—so they claim—took his ride in the air.
Never mind the mosque upon the Mount was built in later days—
Mere factual reality did ne’er a Muslim faze.

Broadcast on Al-jazeera, in the seething Arab street,
Are echoed calls to Muslims that they must not retreat
That they must not cede unto the Jews they hold of no account
Possession of the Mountain and the mosque upon the Mount.

The Muslims lost the mosque and lost the Mount on which it stands
A foolish choice was made then that it stay within their hands
And feverishly ever they work so as to erase
The record of the Temple there—which must take pride of place.

The world stands by complacent at the Mount destruction news—
When cared the nations for the holy places of the Jews?
But bad though the nations’ silence be, the silence that is worse
Is that of Jews who stand by as the destruction occurs.

Why should a people conquered justly through the force of arms
Be permitted to retain a symbol that does lasting harm?
Why should the conquered be allowed to rule the Temple Mount
And by this hold their conquerors to be of no account?

The mosque upon the Mount is beautiful, or so they say
But like the earlier Temple, it also may pass away—
The mosque was built to show who’d conquered many years ago;
The reason it was raised is also why it now must go.

O Jews, who claim Jerusalem is still your capital
How can you claim this when the Mountain still remains in thrall?
It is in thrall by your consent. Jerusalem will be
Your capital united when the Mount has been set free.
29 weeks ago
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It's truly appalling that the MSM seems to be almost entirely in the tank for the Palestinians. They are among the few people that aren't among the combatants and who should, in theory, be neutral and concerned with the truth. Yet whether because of their own biases or simple fear for their lives if they speak the truth, they fail to report a great many of the important things they are seeing, like rockets being fired from hospitals, or spin it to make Israel look bad.

The result is that the non-Israeli coverage is usually massively biased towards the Palestinians. Israeli coverage - from either their media or the IDF - is inevitably treated as pro-Israeli propaganda except by those who are either in Israel or know that Israel is the only honest party in these events. Unfortunately, that means the large majority of news viewers get only the horribly biased MSM coverage.

If the MSM had an ounce of self-respect, they'd either redesignate themselves as propagandists /stooges for whatever group most despises America or Israel in a given situation. Or they'd simply refuse to report the Palestinian side at all with an open acknowledgement that it was impossible to report honestly from there due to the real risk of death if they did so.
29 weeks ago
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