Two reasons:

A: It will never matter how much liberty and access some people have – we’re human, and some choose to behave horribly and will continue to do so. Human nature isn’t perfected via wi-fi.

B: The Left has never seen you. Literally.

This doesn’t only refer to Leftists currently alive. No Leftist has seen you gather in numbers like this, in America, since Leftist was invented. By this hottie:

The Republican National Convention? Entirely political/ruling class. The Left has seen the conventions, but they are not you.

The Marches For Life represent alignment with a single issue, a key one but only one, and the Left generally is not even aware that the marches occur: the marches are you, but the Left has not seen them.

And really, that’s about it. I cannot find evidence of a conservative, limited government, Natural Rights rally rivaling the size of any coordinated Tea Party day — either the D.C. gatherings, or the days of multiple rallies throughout the country — since Marx.

Tyranny is nothing more than belief in a lie, though a rather big one, and tyranny ends along with the lie, and that is happening now. It’s a hysterical, unattractive process watching adherents of tyranny having their religion challenged, a process involving papier-mache puppets and scrotal inflation. But to understand the Left’s unhinged, uncomprehending reaction to the Tea Parties is to know that the lie is dying, that the Bogeyman is out of the dark and he looks nothing like they were told.

They have never seen you, and this is important to understand. Do not draw parallels to 1994, or 1980, or any other revolutionary year. Now is not like that. It is rarer, and you deserve the pleasure of appreciating what you are now alive to see.