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Why Redskins? Because the white male patriots who threw the tea into Boston Harbor dressed up as Native Americans. It was, of course, a joke as the British certainly knew who they were.

Presumably, in today’s framework the British would have called the operation a racist action and shamed the colonists into calling off the revolution. And one can envision students being taught today that it was doubly racist — I’m saying this as a joke, but who knows? — because the patriots were also hoping that the British would blame the Native Americans and kill them off even faster!

Yet in 2013, with the criticism over the team being nominally named after Native Americans, it could be a good idea to rename the team. There is a precedent for this since the Washington Bullets basketball team was renamed the Washington Wizards. In keeping with the silliness of PC, it’s surprising that no one pointed out that wizard was the highest rank in the Klu Klux Klan. But I digress.

Thus, I propose an appropriate return to the team’s original roots and spirit.

Washington’s football team should certainly be renamed in a proper politically correct manner based on its original naming theme of commemorating the Boston Tea Party. That name, of course, would be :

The Washington Tea Partiers.

And keeping with that spirit its new logo could be a snake with the motto, “Don’t Tread on Me!” — which certainly fits into a football context.

I can’t see how President Obama could object to this idea in order to get rid of the “shameful” current team name. He might even be persuaded to lead the effort.

In addition, this idea could inspire him to create the National Panel for Naming Football Teams to Protect Sports Consumers, which would come up with a list of approved names. The San Francisco 49ers could be redubbed the Ninety-Niners; the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Endangered Species; the New York Jets could be called the New York Solar Panels; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay IRS Agents; and, of course,  the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Imperialist Committers of Genocide. Having grown up in Washington, D.C., I think last that name would be perfect.


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OK, I'll join into the PC silliness for a moment. (I live in Metro DC).
Possible Washington Redskins new names:
The Washington Obama's
The Washington Michelle's Vacations
The Washington Bureaucrats. (we don't do huddles, we have conferences, preferably in Las Vegas with the GSA)
The Washington RAAACCCISSSSTSSSS. (our favorite word, especially in SE)
The Washington Football Players. Very non-committal, and implies we have a clue about playing the game.
The Washington Everyone Gets a Smiley Face. We pick our team randomly from the bleachers for each home game. Away games teams are selected from the largest donors...they also get to pay for their own room when out of town, just for the honor.
The Washington Lesbian, Hispanic, Muslim, Special Needs, Female, all Boy Cheer leader, snappy dressing team.
2 years ago
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Right again, as always. Actually I was meandering over this case. This administration has a way to weave its way between politics, favorites and gratitude to election supporters. It takes advantage on opportunities, no matter how incongruent, to its expressed party leanings. Getting conspicuous, do they really know where they stand?
2 years ago
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What struck me about Argo is that the award was right before the so-called negotiations with Iran. It should be viewed as a direct to the Ayatollah. M. Obama presenting the award was the Administration in the Iran's face. It served to recall memories of anti-Islamist sentiment and anger at Iran's anti-Americanism across the country. The film should be heeded by Iran as a call to arms, a garnering of public support in the event Obama needs to call us to action. Perhaps Iran's closer than they think to the red line.
2 years ago
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" In keeping with the silliness of PC, it’s surprising that no one pointed out that wizard was the highest rank in the Klu Klux Klan."

I was living in Arlington, VA. at the time. The Wizard-KKK connection was made, though quickly glossed over.
2 years ago
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