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Two final points. First: in Kerry’s worldview, the more extremist a state becomes, the more it is necessary to propitiate it so as to avoid losing influence or the “chance for peace.”

Second: he should be capable of making a sophisticated argument about precisely how America being tolerant of Morsi’s behavior and providing advanced weapons is going to advance American interests. The unspoken theory is that it will make the Egyptian military happy and able to overturn the regime. But — of course — the regime will name the army’s commanders, the armed forces have shown they don’t want to get involved in politics, and, at any rate, many officers are pro-Brotherhood or even pro-Salafist.

In other words, in Egypt (as in Pakistan by the way), there is no credible mechanism for turning financial or military aid into influence.

Kerry isn’t just wrong, he’s totally clueless. And as just about the most openly arrogant man in American public life, he will never let reality penetrate his ideological armor.

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