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Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, a New York Times bestselling author, and a Senior Fellow at the National Review Institute, joined PJ Media as a full-time PJ Columnist in May 2012.

Andy, who put the Blind Sheik behind bars in the first World Trade Center bombing, was arguably the most important prosecutor in the War on Terror. He is among the most authoritative writers anywhere on the dangers of Jihad. His distinguished legal career and expertise on national security matters will be invaluable to PJ Media and our readers.

Given his background, it’s no surprise that Andy is very interested in law and national security. Andy’s training is as a trial lawyer, not a journalist, which allows him to break down complicated events and legal principles into a narrative that commonsense people can wrap their brains around.

He also is very interested in ideology:

When it comes to Islamic supremacism, I’m interested in how craven we’ve become (particularly at the governmental level) about recognizing it, discussing it and understanding it. I’m very interested in conservatism and how far we’ve abandoned it — especially how addicted to statism the country’s putatively conservative political party and commentariat has become. I’m very committed to the founding principle that we are a self-determining people: we are not meant to be run by (i.e., to turn our lives over to) experts and technocrats.

As a PJ Columnist, Andy would like to help conservatives get better at recognizing the battle is on before it’s already lost:

My pet peeve about us conservatives is that — for sound conservative reasons — we are a step or two slow when conventional wisdom (reliably wrong) is born. Consequently, the Right loses the language battles (abortion becomes “choice”; taxes become “revenue”; spending becomes “investment”; Hezbollah becomes a “political party”; a jihadist who’s run out of ammo becomes a “moderate Islamist”; and so on). These are not just word games; they become the conceptual framework for analyzing news and policy.

Outside of his legal and writing careers, Andy has been coaching little league baseball for the last few years. He’s been a hockey fan for more than 40 years, and he and his family watch sports all year round: mainly Mets, Jets, Knicks and Devils. He also has been a PJ Media fan since the website launched: “It’s not only got energy, variety and moxie; some of my favorite writers, and good friends, are PJ Columnists. To join such a line-up is humbling and exhilarating.”

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