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The Mask of Fascism

October 24, 2011 - 6:55 am - by Andrew Klavan
Shawn L.
2011-10-25 09:01:43

“I have not read the graphic novel on which the movie is based and make no comment on it, ”

Excellent caveat, as the comic was less about “people power” or mass movements than the movie was. The viewpoint was more anarchist in the comic.

In the comic, the character of V put the people on notice as part of the problem as well as the government. That their consent, or acquiencence makes the ills of government possible.

The chapter that illustrates this best is the one in which V, having commondeered the state TV network, broadcasts his message, “A Vocational Viewpoint,” in which he discredits the very invention of govermnent as a mistake.

V acts not as a liberator, but as a deconstructor. He acts to destroy the government, plunging England into chaos by design. It is V’s hope that people rebuild society without government. But that is left an open question at the end of the book.

This has very little to do with anything that #OWS seems to be about. In fact, #OWS seems to be creating their own internal government. V certainly would not approve.

In some ways, V is a bizarre cousin of John Galt. Galt and friends withdraw themselves from society, to let itself collapse. V, being less about economics, and more about individual rights of all those run over by the will (or indifference) of the masses, not just the producers. Therefore, V takes a more pro-active approach towards the deconstruction of society, and leaves its reconstruction as an exercise for the people themselves.