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The Strange Case of Hitchcock, Capote and Toby Jones

March 5th, 2013 - 6:28 pm
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So here’s the weird part. What makes the picture Hitchcock relatively good is that it treats Hitch as a human being with problems, some of which clearly relate to sex. What makes The Girl so bad is that it treats Hitchcock as a series of sexual symptoms and behaviors — as if once you get at a person’s sexuality, you really know something important and revealing about him (which is, for the most part, untrue). Hitchcock is uplifted by a performance by the truly great Hopkins, who imitates the director but also humanizes him. The talented Toby Jones does a fine job of recreating the director in The Girl but just doesn’t have much to work with. Obviously it’s unfortunate for him to have gotten caught in the lesser of two coincidentally simultaneous biopics.

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I read a Hitchcock biography recently, and he had one of the happiest, most normal childhoods ever. He was no damaged individual doing self-therapy via film. He was just a brilliant storyteller who knew how, as he said somewhere, to link images the same way a composer links notes. And he made pretty good music.If he had a few quirky obsessions concerning his stunning leading ladies, well, any fat, rather unattractive guy supervising women like that on a daily basis would likely behave the same way.

I like the insight about how sex determines our identity. What a load of bilge water. Our identity determines our identity (in other words, the way our Creator made us), and sex is but am expression, and a rather small one of that, of who and what we are as human beings.

Good stuff. Love this blog.
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